It is really time to do something about GAMIGO.

The production for craft has become impossible to do.

A legendary full hiram set is done in 3 months without any land, so no subscription required. A legendary Erenor full set is done in over a year with a large amount of landings and alt. How do you want us to follow?

You ask for excessive amounts of plants for the Erenor craft and you do nothing to make this possible.

The planting system on the land should be reviewed to facilitate and speed up production. An option on land and houses which can directly put all the seeds or seed packets on the available space and conversely an option which will allow you to pick up the whole of a land in one click in exchange for points of labors.

Example: a 24x24 can receive 32 packets of seeds. With 230k in the picking, 1 packet costs 6 pts of labor to pick up. With a system reviewed by GAMIGO, there would be the possibility of harvesting the 32 packets of seeds in one go in exchange for 192 pts of labor.

Seriously, take a look at this problem.