Yet again, finishing times for special/seasonal events messed up - on NA legacy (Kadum) at least, not sure about Unchained or legacy EU. It's not the first time it has happened either, 2019 Spring Race & Halloween for example... Today's fails:

Hiram-azing Synthesis event States that the event supposed to finish at server maintainence - the npc vanished several hours before maintainence.

Easter event This says Coral (quest giver npc) disappears 'on April 16th' - no time zone was given but assuming it means server time zone (PDT), players were unable to complete the quests several hours before this.

tldr: Players who planned for a last push on their gear are disappointed; others wasted time trying to complete uncompletable quests. GG Gamigo.

Wins: seems like they listened to some of the player feedback
  • We now have multiple events running simultaneously
  • 'Collection' type events running longer than the bare minimum time needed for the top reward or achievement eg Lantern Festival needs 20 tokens - event runs 2nd - 23rd of April so even those who can only get 1/day can participate, plus a couple of days off.
  • They usually at least announce when events are supposed to finish now.