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Thread: I cant play with my gf for 6 days because this stupid game has a sistem like a game ban!

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    Thumbs up I cant play with my gf for 6 days because this stupid game has a sistem like a game ban!

    ArcheAge: Unchained
    My girlfriend made me buy this game, I bought because she was so excited for us to play and I started to play but got bored of those generic quest and solo so I stopped at lvl 10.
    So we decided to try again (downloading, verifying, uncompressing and installing 2h just for this) but this time we'll lvling together so I wont be bored, she has 1 main lvl 50 and a lvl 11.
    Here come the fun part!
    When she deletes the lvl 11 she gets 6 days wait time for a garbage lvl 11 which is on a different faction.
    Why the hell this is a thing?
    If she bought the damn game were she has 2 slots, let her have total control over her game character slots.

    Why there is restriction that acts like ingame ban on her purchase made?
    I told her is not her fault, is her friends fault for recommending this game and the funny thing is that her friends do not play anymore this game, no they arent!
    It's poor game design, anti-player design, a bad dev's choice.
    6 f-----g days to delete a f-----g trash lvl 11 character, why not give the player choice to delete immediately?
    Players have 2 slots, let them control those 2 slots and remove this stupid silly barriers just to make them buy extra slots.

    I've deleted so many times my guardians from destiny 2 to lvl again with my friends, it worked fine!
    If I was a dev all 5 slots would been in player total control and free to use, because friends gonna recruit friends to try the game and it would not be dying as fast as now.

    My only regret is not the money but my time!
    If nothing changes, this game will die and you gonna find another job (how many companies recruit staff from dead games?)

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    so so , this restriction about chatacters was input for a reason , I'll try to explain with my terrible english . maybe you saw on starting zone theres demo house with beds , in thoses house you can earn labor by sleeping , but it will ask you some gildas . before this restrictions , peoples used to abuse this and create character , sleep , get labor restaured and rince and repeat . so devs put this restrictions to prevent thoses abuses . I hope this will help you to understand why .

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    They should have changed the demo house with beds so it could not be abused or had a reasonable character deletion policy like one deletion per month with no timeout.

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