My proposal is that for both Legacy and Unchained, quest rewards for (currently) daily quests, particularly in Reedwind, Sungold, Exeloch and WHM, should be siginficantly increased to at least double, ie the level that we are getting during the Call to Arms event.

Please vote
1. Yes - permanently increase rewards for repeatable Hiram quests
2. No - I'm happy with needing to grind 2x longer for scrolls
3. Don't care - I'm working on my Erenor/other gear

With the launch of the Garden, most of these quests will change to a weekly cycle. This is positive as it reduces 'dailyage', but if the rate is unchanged, players will only obtain 140 (7x20) basic hiram scrolls per week (for example) from the repeatable quests.

Compared to the 1000's of scrolls of the appropriate level needed to progress, a weekly quest cycle inevitably will drag out the time new and returning players need to progress, impacting their sense of progression and purpose.

Other points:
The 'normal' level of scrolls was already perceived as inadequate. Arguably, this was already recognised by the inclusion of the marketplace quests for WHM, effectively doubling the rewards there.

You can also look at the Call to Arms event: Players at all levels of hiram gear progress are more willing to do daily quests in Reedwind, Sungold, Exeloch and WHM during this event, specifically because the double rewards makes it more worthwhile. In turn this has helped less geared people, particularly returning and new players, to have an easier time finding raids and gearing up, which is good for the long term health of the game (both versions).

Under normal circumstances, most people who don't need T1 scrolls don't bother with those zones. With the launch of the Garden, there is a strong likelihood that even average-geared players will be focused on raiding there and in EHM, as well as fitting in all the other tasks they need to progress (castles/WBs/library etc etc), and will again be reluctant to raid in Reedwind, Sungold, Exeloch and WHM even once per week (EHM will still be daily).

Increasing rewards for EHM should also be considered, as the stronger players who currently participate in EHM raids will have less reason do this given that T3 scrolls can't be converted to the next tier (alternatively, let us convert T3->T4 scrolls, the same as the lower tiers).

This will significantly impact the sense of progression for new and returning players, leaving them with a less positive impression of the game. To prevent this, the rewards should be adjusted upwards.