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Thread: Crippling Game Design; Archeage, the Single Player MMO

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    Yeah the Folio definitely needs to be updated to include everything, including items that require cloaking/uncloaking!!

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    OP i totally agree with, i'd like to see a separated pvp to pve more in game the game could offer alot more pve alot of wasted map environments, i haven't bothered wit GS i just don't feel inclined or bothered by it, it's not fun, i like the farm, housing, trade ingame, i love to explore, ye i love pvp, i did full on wvw in gw2 for 7 years sometimes 18 hrs a day, for any1 that doesn't know thats large scale group pvp at T1 about 150 players 3 ways, played guardian as a support class but played all other classes as to know them whether pvp or pve, so u have 1 account with multiple toons on it no issue, its not GS related pvp its skill related and its miles more fun cause most ppl can pvp not just the top GS players, AAU doesn't have that sort of community either that's helpful its all about getting that GS forget skills or knowing other classes or doing other classes it locks u into a class build for the entirety of ur gameplay, not something that's really long lasting is it, i suppose that's why so many FS servers because that beginning part of the game is fun, so much potential wasted, the game doesn't regard itself as nice the ppl are not nice not saying all i say mostly, i've played since launch on my own its a single player game eos, i'll work my ♥♥♥ off to craft something like in gw2 trinkets or legendaries can take months to complete and i have many but the end result is not GS related, so when it comes to pvp i know its skill related any death or win which is a hell alot more rewarding than any GS will ever give me.

    lel ppl earn honor in pvp but the reality here is there is no honor in this kind of pvp the game as a whole GS system is evolved around p2w to get ppl to pay for that GS which by the look of it is still happening lel

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    I have mixed opinions on your post. You gave a lot of constructive criticism but i hate that everything comes from "making the game more like wow".

    I always hated World of Warcraft, in my opinion it's the reason why MMOS are dead for more then a century.

    I hated everything about wow, the 2 second global cooldown on all skills without the ability to queue skills not knowing why pushing buttons on skills that are out of cooldown but are in global cooldown is not responsive, skills with very long 2 minute cooldowns making combat unfun, no direct pvp which means no risk no excitement, lots of trash items from drop.

    You say you hate the gear leveling from AAU but it's way better then wasting gold in something then tossing it to the trash because you found something better.

    And i love that AAU is a pvp game, i never want to feel safe as that is part of the excitement, even if ppl 1 hit you, you must know how to make your gold while hidden from predators.

    Even the long gear progression could be a good thing. I like to know that my progression in this game matters. Not like GW2 where i became max geared in 1 month and then wasted 1 year for a 10% dmg increase.

    And about toxicity, i would take that over the fakeness of moderated chat. In pve mmos with active moderators nobody is their true self. They can not engage in non dual pvp and cannot be themselves in chat due to fear of ban so you are interacting with a bunch of fake ppl. I like to see the real a-holes in chat so i know who is a true friend or an enemy. Nothing reveals a true friend or an a-hole faster then going fishing with them in AAU.

    The bottom like is, i always prefered pvp sandboxes more then WoW and other carebear friendly mmos. My love was Lineage 2 strictly for the pvp freedom it offered and always hated the the popularity of WoW overshadowing this types of games. I'm glad i found AAU as it has everything i want in an MMO.

    While you do have valid criticism about how hard it is for new players in this game, i don't think we will ever change anything in our version of the game unless it comes like that from korea since that's where we get all our new patchnotes.

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    The funny thing is, when I played AAL at gold, every thing was player crafted. We made our armor, our weapons, our houses, and the PVP part was that you were trying to make better stuff and sell it so that was the PVP in the game. During the patch I went back and looked at my old Avatar on AAL and although all of my equipment was listed as "out of favor" all of it had better stats than the stuff that drops in the dungeons.

    Before I go on, one thing. there is no PVP in AAL or AAU there is only GvG. I love PVP so when I want to play PVP I go play COD, BF, CSO, APB or any real PvP game. The players who play AA are not interested in PvP they are only interested in easy Gear wins. Several have said that if you are trying to get a fair fight you are not doing it right, if they do not have better gear they run away.

    AA lost its way a long time ago, the sad part is they have never updated the messages in game and ignored the path they were once on. Think back to when you started your character ad hit lvl4 you received a message then that you could start making weapons and armor. Back in the early days you could and it was all skill based. Now AAU rushes you to endgame lvl50 before you can start to really play the game. Back at the first 6 months after gold you got your first farm at lvl 5 and started down the crafting path that now starts at lvl30. They have taken every thing that was good in the game and replaced it with useless grind. On the bright side it looks like amazon saw what AA could have been and are making the game that AAU should be.

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