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Thread: Expanding the Otherworld Storage Chest from 100 to 150

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    Expanding the Otherworld Storage Chest from 100 to 150

    Question - how do I expand the Otherworld Storage Chest with the expansion scrolls so it goes from 100 to 150 spaces?

    I purchased the scrolls but unwrapped and bound them. Now at the Handicraft Kiln I cannot use them. I have the 5 required and this seems like a dirty trick.

    If I can't use them bound (which makes absolutely no sense to me) can I re-wrap them and how?


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    i came across this same problem, it seems u cant use them so any1 got a work around or is it just another bug that's waiting for a fix...

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    It's neither a bug nor is there a workaround other than buying new, unbound scrolls.
    It's how it is designed to be and how it has been since the introduction of wrapped/bound expansion scrolls.
    Calling it a bad design would be an understatement though.
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