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Thread: Printing Proficiency and the Art of Language

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    Printing Proficiency and the Art of Language

    Returning player here. It's been at least a year (probably 2) since I last played ArcheAge and everything is so different, I'm completely lost. I used to enjoy doing printing, primarily in order to craft the Art of Language books. In returning, however, I'm noticing that they now require a proficiency of 70,000. When did this change occur, and is there a way to level the proficiency up quickly so I can get back to being able to create these books again?

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    It's taken 70k for as long as I can remember. An easy way to level printing is to make lots of paper.

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    Is Paper Realy giving Points do Priting? I think the last Patch moved it to another Proficiency. The Better Papers are all in another Proficiency now.

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