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Thread: Which houses give blue salt bond quests?

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    Which houses give blue salt bond quests?

    Does anyone have a list or a source of all the houses that have blue salt bond quests? I currently have beanstalk so I'm getting one per day from that. I'm looking to get more.

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    thached upgradet

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    - Upgraded Farmhouses (Rancher, Miner, Harvester) (memory ember available)
    - Upgraded Manors (Apothpathy, Tradesman, Armorers) (memory ember available)
    - Upgraded Mushroom House - 2 stories (memory ember available)

    Can't Remember
    I cannot remember if the Desserted Cottage / or / Regular mushroom (1 story) does.

    Thatched Farmhouse > No
    Cottages 16x16 > No
    Raised Swept Roof Cottages (Upgraded 16x16) > No
    Fellowships (either) > No
    Bungalows (Tidal or Breezy) > No
    Treehouses > No

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    Regular mushroom does not.

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    Deserted Cottage - No
    Solariums - No
    Spired Chateau - No

    Beanstalk Mansion - Yes

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    The Apothecary, Armorers & Trade houses also give 1 blue salt quest plus another.

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    Grand music Chest

    I gained one of these on completing an artistry achievement. As I already crafted a 30 slot Music chest which I upgraded to 50 slot this one is not required but because it cannot be deleted or stored in any type of chest I am stuck with it in my inventory! I do not want this item but am unable to dispose of it!
    Gamigo please give us the option of destroying, thank you!

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