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real players? are you joking with me? and no p2w? are you joking with me?

Look at the gear scores and equipment of the top +150... thy are already like legacy players which full eternal costumes, underwears, eternal weapons or mythic - eternal accessories with library armors, full tier 3 gems etc... Where the hell thy found minimum +800k gold to make that gears like legacy players (along with mythic ships or owning most of the end game vehicles and so on) while to do things are harder there while having 3 accounts max per household? the labor is limited there with many things... There are tons of 12k, 13k, 14k, 15k ,16k and eveb 17k gear scores players with even legendary erenor weapons...

How to improve weaponsmith or any others with high prices in AA Unchained in any eu servers which prices are almost same as legacy and even more expensive...

5000 weaponsmith proficiency farming with 5000 labor with crafting magnificent sword
x70 sturdy ingot == 1820 gold if sturdy ingot is 26 gold each
x120 gold ingot == 480 gold if gold ingot is 4 gold each
x30 sunglight archeum essence == 150 gold if sunglight archeum essence is 5 gold each
Total minimum cost is 2450 for every two days for spending 5000 labor

Aim is 180,000 weaponsmith which will be made in 72 days == 2 months 12 days (let's say 3 months to be sure)
Needed minimum gold is 88,200
Of course if you buy all materials from auction house within this gold range but players are greedy so the prices are always higher than these I typed :frowning:

I really wonder how can you type that AAU is better than legacy... Everyone is buying gold... Otherwise, with normal playing via even constant play, you cannot reach these gear scores with the things I mentioned above without buying gold which these minimum top +150 players are gold buyers if you check their gears from TOP 100 if you don't believe me...

Costumes (x300 gilda design), underwears(x500 gilda design) along with lots of expensive craft materials to craft them... Thus, we ask you now, how these people made full eternal sets with best equipment in TOP 100 or TOP +150 etc without buying gold in 5-6 months etc time period with limited labor and lands etc limitations?...

At the end average players are already doomed against these massive amount of players... your crit rate crit damage builds are not working against these high gear score p2w AAU players in pvp anymore... Apart from that it is hard to find people to do pvp or pve that AAU became like legacy. The only difference is you have a little more players in daily hiram quests now lol. Sea is empty, open world is empty for pvp and most of the time you cannot find people to do pve contents too like dungeons...

Most of the players came from legacy to AAU already that thy ruined AAU really nice in every negative way too with toxicity, prevent players to do end game contents but thy only get themself which thy don't want any competition or buying gold to make best gears to prevent other players to have fun.

Shortly, go play in legacy is better than AAU right now. And if you are not rich person or if you are not no life jobless guy then don't play AA at all. And even you still want to play then prepare yourself that you will not have fun from end game content which will be boring to you that you cannot do pvp that you will be one shot or you cannot find ppl for end game pve content; but the game will be dominated by 2-2-1 top p2w no life toxic players' guilds from both nuia and haranya faction and pirate faction.
This players are a little bit "suspicious", but AAu is not p2w in rules. If you cheat that is other topic.

-we got "free" undergearments in ArchePass
- We got "free" basic costume in Archepass
OR you can do that brainless mass zergfest daily quests. You will get tons of gildas (WH-Aegis 4-4, Rift-jola-glenn-Meina 3*5 + anthalon). Gilda is easy to get in this patch version.

That crafted gears are the fault of developers and publishers. Crafting requests let players cheat and trade labor points without limitation (many "players" will work free to "help" others). Than we got this mythic randiant erenor guys...

+we got insane amount of "catch up" contents without reason and 3 "legit" accounts to make game disgusting broken in this short time too.
The game is fair in theory, but (I think) nobody control any form of resource sharing, goldselling, labor selling in this game. This is GAMIGO: control games and make them better is not primary objective. That is not cheap and/or automatized and it generates more problems than income.

edit: And no. Legacy is not an option. That is pure p2w. you get unlimited "patron" status in AAU and insane amount of free resources in ArchePass. If you are in legacy you have to work for whales for ages. You will be the slave of p2w users forever.