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Thread: Arche Age 2020

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    Arche Age 2020

    Trion needs to come up with a way to merge all servers once again.

    Players who previously played "Arche Age" such as myself got "segregated" by "Fresh Starts" and "Arche Age Unchained which is really the same game, and those who spent lots of Real money on costumes and stuff got screwed over because even if I wanted to return to Arche Age unchained and keep all my cosmetics collected, I couldn't thus that is over $1000 USD thrown down the drain in cosmetic items.

    Trion completely screwed me over with (Multi-Boxing rules) / changes made to the game.

    Users should not be restricted from logging in multiple accounts I already have 5 accounts from back before Trion / new company took over "Arche Age" every account had hundreds of dollars invested into the game, but now I can't even think or imagine playing "Arche Age" given I can't login and play the game the way I used to with "Life Skilling".

    Arche Age, Great Game, but it needs a new publisher, perhaps XL Games can reach out to (Kakao) / Pearl Abyss the creators of Black Desert Online, and fix this game, great game but the publisher of this game has done nothing but sink the ship over the many years );.

    1532 players on (Steam charts) not counting those who don't use steam, but can't imagine it's that many given I believe (RIFT) and (Defiance) also have low populations and not doing too well either.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=499-V3-GB-c Unchained looks so empty to me.

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    • Multi-boxing rules only apply to Unchained so you can continue to do so on Legacy
    • Having played on Legacy and switching to Unchained isn't "returning".
    • The difference between Legacy and Unchained is too high (so the opposite of your "really the same"). You are right that the game elements are the same but the Archepass, Diligence Token and anything else related to the marketplace including making almost everything bind-on-pickup turns the two games into totally different gaming experiences.
    • Creating a merged server by combining the "f2p + monthly subscription" model of Legacy and the "b2p once, then play for free forever" model of Unchained seems impossible to me.
      Would you rather force f2p players to pay and restrict access to anyone doesn't pay and ban all players who continue to use more than 3 accounts (lawyers will like this idea) or would you rather force players who bought permanent access to Unchained into a monthly subscription (the lawyers will like this idea as well)?
    • Over all those years of playing Archeage and now AA:U I have barely ever met someone who plays the game through steam.
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    AA had 532 players before news about AAU. Than it went up to 2k. Than went down to 185 when AAU launched. AA legacy has 539 players online +AAU has 1k players yet. This is "Nothing changed" in AA legacy and legacy*2 players in AAU. This is 3x old numbers.

    +most players use Glyph client. Lower steam numbers are meaningless.

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    AA,U has a 3 account on 1 pc rule, so basically its not 1k players but maby 333 players.

    AA legacy has no rule on multi clients, so many accounts and no real number on how many real players.

    The numbers are not accurate and can't be considered as such, it stays speculation.

    truth is i see more alts then main for the last 2 years and it has bin increasing since our last event that gives scrolls while online so many players having there 3 to 20+ alts afk and online, giving a wrong estimate on numbers as always has bin.

    the amount of alts used in the past year that shows a big player base but in reality is not that big.

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