For months now we have on the Server Belstrom Teleport Hackers that doing Cargo to Diamond Shores. We were checking it multiple times on both traders, nobody besides us was handing packs in but the % went down from 130% to 70% within a few minutes while we only handed in 10 packs. Nobody else was on any of the trade outlets.

In Falcorth Plains, for month are now bots on some mining places. THey mine -> go invis -> mine -> go invis 24/7.

This is insane.

Btw: Hint for Gamigo (for the unlikely case they care) This guys putting everyday 8-10 Stacks of onyx in the auctionhouse, all the exactly same price at the same time. You should just check this people out. Really loosing fun to pay money to an abandoned game.

Just add now 2 screenshots, this happens everyday - the hacker putting always at the same time around 8.000-10.000 Onyx in the auction house, all same price, same time.