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Thread: Pushed Off Boat When Having Captain's Protection

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    Exclamation Pushed Off Boat When Having Captain's Protection

    When you have the buff of Captain's Protection, you should be immune not only to attacking and taking damage, but also through status effects such as pushing, pulling, etc.

    My comment comes from today's gaming session. My request is simple, on the next update please look into this matter.

    I am currently playing Archeage Unchained in the Jeargent server. During today's game I was on the Daru Trade ship under the Captain's Protection buff. A player by the name of Kaledius used his mount through summoning and desummoning to push me around the ship. After about 5 minutes of this, he jumps off the boat and uses his summoning and desummoning of the boat in order to push me off the Daru Trade ship. Because the ship got to far away he murdered my character. He is a level 22 ascended Nuian player and I was a level 46 Harayan player.

    The issues here is that through the use of his mounts and vehicles he managed an easy kill on an unsuspecting player. When I purchase my cargo and the protection, it is advertised as a trip without peril. No one can attack me, and I cannot attack them. However, through the use of game mechanics used to circumvent in-game status items it has rendered the in-game status item useless.

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    Good known "bug", that turned into "feature". Will become a bug as soon will be fixed. As I remember age of this "feature" year or two...

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