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Thread: AA Unchained graphics are very bugged while regular AA are not

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    Unhappy AA Unchained graphics are very bugged while regular AA are not

    All entities in the game are either invisible, have a yellow sphere around them, or are the wrong entity(a lily growing in the ground is for some reason a large tree)

    Steps to Reproduce: no real way of reproduction since it was since the game was installed and reinstalled as well

    Frequency: Since playing the game it has not subsided


    Additional Notes:
    Playing regular Archeage does not cause this issue at all for some reason and it only does this in Unchained.
    Things we have tried so far include:
    • Reinstalling the game
    • Having Steam validate the files
    • Switching between Dx9 and 11 in the client
    • Waiting for graphics to load( they load just as they would in reg Archeage but just with the messed up graphics)
    • Deleting the shader folder which really didn't do anything to fix it

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    I have seen the upper one happen quite a lot when I was still playing on my low spec PC and it happens now when there are too many players (which can't be the case in this dungeon).
    However, I have NEVER seen the one in the lower screenshot. Neither on my own nor on any screenshots by other players.
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