Version: Legacy
Server/Region: Kadum

Issue 1: Some past event tokens are unredeemable at the Festival Machine in Mirage Isle
Issue 2: Some past event tokens are missing from the Folio
Issue 3: There is a mismatch between the Folio and the Festival Machine in Mirage Isle.

Issue 1: I don't have all the old tokens to test, but a couple of examples are given in this thread

Issue 2: Longstanding QOL issue. New tokens have not been added to the Folio for some time (making the rewards unsearchable unless standing in front of the machine) and update 6.0 may have actually removed some eg I am fairly sure that Jake's Coin rewards were searcheable in the Folio in the past, now they are not, only in the machine.

Issue 3: Rather than spend time updating this, only to be broken again in the future, I suggest you ask XL to allow all existing stored tokens/coins to be converted to a new common token type eg 'Festival Coins' (ideally a 1:1 exchange ratio from 'old' to new, to keep things fair and simple) and use this common token type for all future festivals/events. These tokens should stack to 1000.

This will:
  • Reduce XL's maintainence burden and your localisation burden by reducing the number of 'old' token types that need to be added to the Folio and Festival Machine.
  • Reduce server overhead from hoarded tokens.
  • Allow players to benefit by i) freeing up warehouse and bag space ii) combine tokens from different events to claim rewards. Yes, this may allow players to claim higher tier rewards than they could have before - but as they still earned all the tokens fairly, I see this as a benefit rather than a problem.