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Thread: beyond the mask - hiram ring chapter 3 quest

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    beyond the mask - hiram ring chapter 3 quest

    Was ticking along nicely on this 4 part quest line until I had to kill erikson for a second time in the quest beyond the mask. I died on the first attempt solo. I went back with some friends and yagov didn't appear as I had accepted the part of the quest where it said take the ring of erikson. but he wouldn't summon again when I went back. The advice on the game pages was to abandon the quest and pick it up again. I did this and now have lost the whole quest line and have checked back with all the quest givers and no quest available. Disappointing that gamigo don't want a bar of it and say its not their problem when its their damn game. Played for five years now and even Trion at least tried to sort out problems with their own game.

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    The person that gives the quest after you abondon it to try again is at the East Hiram Amaitan Meadows camp.
    Had to abandon it myself a few times before got it done - worked fine.

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