ITEMS PURCHASED FROM THE AUCTION HOUSE MAY NOT BE RESOLD ON THE AUCTION HOUSE. (Possibly bound to character? To prevent Trade chat abuse of this "Fix". Buying off auction then selling on chat channel)

"Auction House Players" abuse, scam, Monopolize and BREAK the stability of the economy.

The abuse
These "Auction house players" do not go out into the world to make their money. Trade packs and Delphinid ghost ships // other content are foreign to them. The developers are constantly updating the game to try and get people out into the world right? Get these people out into the world. They sit in marianople all day and manipulate the auction house.

The scam?
Example, "Auction house Players Club" Posts Lumber for bid of 5 Copper, buy out of normal price, for 48 Hours.
Dave comes along and puts his stack of 1000 lumber up by right clicking it out of his inventory and selling it at his usual, modest price of "Whatever" the market is currently defaulting to and selling for 6 hours.
Dave mistakenly falls into the Bid trap! now his 1000 lumber is out for bid for 6 hours at a ridiculously low price. a major win for the "Auction house players club"

The economy Breaker
Hoarding resources and waiting for the right time, Players are posting obscene amounts of a resource at an extremely low price, driving the market down in hopes that others follow suite. Investing say 20,000 stone at 20 copper a stone, then buying up 50,000 stone later at 10 copper per stone.

In conclusion
These players are not playing the game, they are playing the players of the game and quite frankly, ruining it for not just a few people, but for entire servers. Please help.