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Thread: Official Web page does not load HTTP ERROR 502

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    Official Web page does not load HTTP ERROR 502

    Description : When the user is attempting to download the game from the official web page the website will show an error page and block the user's actions.

    Steps to reproduce :
    1. Open browser
    2. Access the ArcheAge official website : https://archeage.trionworlds.com/
    3. Navigate the web page and locate the download button for the game
    4. Click on the button "PLAY ON WINDOWS"
    5. The user can notice that the next page is an error page which prevents the download to occur

    Notes: HTTP ERROR 502 is not coming from the user's side. Please find a screenshot attached to the bug report.

    Expected result : The user should be prompted to a download page or a pop-up window which allows the user to acquire the download files of the game.

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    PS: Please let me know when this is fixed - I`d like to install the game and play it.
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    Http Protocol???

    Not sure if this is related, but I am unable to add payment options, getting a msg that the form is not following http protocol. I tried Google Chrome, and FireFox, same msg. The msg pops up as soon as I click "add payment info". ??
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