Fresh Start again eh? Another quick money scheme for XL/Gamigo/Trion? As if servers weren't emptying out fast enough you're going to drive those numbers down faster? Then lure them over to new servers to get more money out of them? I mean don't get me wrong. This is nothing new. It's been the same 'ol bs since 2013. I'm not all that against paid updates. Games like GW2 have been doing this forever. But usually they include a lot more content than what's coming. You could have held off longer and found a way to include the last two races and new lands. There's so much of the map greyed out for future expansion. But all you did was add more gear and more grind content and put a price tag behind it. And of course packages. AA has been doing Silver, Gold, etc type packages forever now. It's like a damn mobile game. I guess this thread is pointless now. Fresh Start is happening.. It's just a lot of us think the whole fresh start for the 3849394873 time is completely stupid and another dishonest and greedy move from a company who is no different from Trion. Then again some of the same employees are still there so obviously some things never change with you guys. Congratulations on continuing your failure of a company for 7 years now.