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Thread: Endless arrows vs. Basic Shoot arrow - and recurring mouse offset

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    Endless arrows vs. Basic Shoot arrow - and recurring mouse offset

    Hi all,
    I'm the new female dwarf because they are soo cute
    So I have two skills that appear to do the same thing - shoot arrows as long as I hold the key down. Am I overlooking something?

    Also I run into the bug where the mouse pointer is offset on the screen, I have to click about half an inch low. Of course I searched the forum and found the solution of changing the screen resolution, then setting it back. But I have to do this EVERY time I log in, is there a permanent solution?

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    Are you playing in window mode rather than full screen?

    If you press Alt-Return you can alternate between window mode and full screen mode, I noticed when I am in window mode my mouse arrow does not line up with the interface and I have to click below items.

    I believe the damage for shoot arrows and endless arrows is different. There are combos that can be done with endless arrows for more damage. Also you can add Ancestral skill to endless arrows once you reach level 55 with the skill set.

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