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Thread: Can a battle pet and a vanity pet be out at the same time?

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    Can a battle pet and a vanity pet be out at the same time?

    I got my first vanity pet, Brown Shiba Inu, but when I summon him my battle pet unsummons. In other MMORPGs I have played, you can have a battle pet and a vanity pet summoned at the same time.

    Is that how it always works in Archeage, there can be only one pet summoned at a time, either a battle pet or a vanity pet?

    I noticed the Brown Shiba Inu is labeled as a battle pet on the pet tab but it cannot attack, has no special skills and no pet armor slots. Are all Archeage vanity pets mislabeled like that or just this one?

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    You have two companions: pet and mount. This two type of summoned creatures can be out same time, but just 1-1 of each type
    Pet is pet. Your battle pet and "useless but cute" pet use same slot. (example: plushies and wolves are battle pets too) You can store them in same pet storage. If you summon new one previous active pet will unsummon first.

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    always been like that u can only have 1 "pet" at the same time.

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