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    The feedback does not actually matter. This thread is here only to create a false feeling that they will action upon the feedback, hence reducing the frustration of the players. But I will write it because it highlights flaws in their decisions.

    You have not fixed any of the core problems the old servers have and you are releasing a new one.

    The new server will have alts. This is a competitive game. If alts are allowed in order to compete you are forced to use them. Most of the people who are not using them will eventually drop the game. The people who are using them will eventually burn out and drop the game. The end result is a dead server.

    The new server will have the same problems with daily content that the last ones had. The game provides limited resources to players: labor, daily quests, arena entries, dungeon entries, etc... If you don't utilise these resources you loose them. Because of the competitive nature of the game each player is forced to use all of these resources before they are gone. This forces players to do activities they do not like without the option to just skip them and come back later to them if they need them. Resulting in players doing only the boring part of the game and not getting to the great parts, hence dropping the game eventually. This problem is multiplied by the allowed number of alts.

    The new server will not have a mechanic so new players can join it after the release date. No matter how great you make your game some players will drop i at some point and almost no new play will join. Resulting in a dead server

    Some solutions:

    Change the rules for that new server to be 1 account only. It should be easy for you to create s ranking of "alt-likelihood" using some of the data you have. Each week review just the top few of that list and take action on them. This will reduce the alt usage and the violation of this rule to almost 0 and that is fine.

    Remove the labor cap and keep the labor regen the same. Create quest counters for the daily quests, meaning each day for a specific daily quest that counter goes up by 1 and goes down by 1 whenever you complete the quest. Make counters for the arena and dungeon entries. (Example: each day the sparing arena counter goes +5, whenever you do a sparing arena the counter goes -1).

    For the new players: let them start with counters and labor calculated from the beginning of the server so they have a way to catch up if they want to.

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    The game was gifted to me.
    Never played it before.
    I didn't start playing until January so I missed out on all the problems at launch.
    I'm not upset about paying for more content because it personally hasn't cost me anything yet.

    I can't see spending anything on the game at this moment and here is why.
    I finished the main storyline only to find out the game wasn't finished.
    I remember the last quest mentioning the Garden and being dumbfounded that was all there was.

    This "expansion" appears to only partly finish the game.
    Half of the world map is unfinished and off-limits.
    Those under construction signposts that have been around for years is not a good sign.

    I would consider paying for finishing the game if there were clearly laid out goals.
    Something to indicate a plan for finishing the game.

    Spring 2021: expect to see World Oceans fully opened. Sail around all the continents.

    Summer 2021: Unexplored Territories opened

    Fall 2021: Guild Airships

    Anyway, without goals and timeline, it looks like I'd be throwing money away buying this phase of development.

    PS: I would also be willing to pay to turn off PvP.
    For me it is really just player vs BLEEPS.
    So a way to play the game without roleplaying as either sadist or a masochistic would be wonderful.
    The war zones are really just riot zones.
    I've no desire to play as a target or shoot others in the back.
    It is annoying that so much of the game is set to no-go zones.
    Exploring the oceans looks like fun, but I'm not going to reward others for being BLEEPS so I just don't go there at all.

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    I don't mind paying for an expansion, although I don't think this is enough content to justify a regular expansion. It's really only useful for end-game, when generally expansions have something for everyone.

    At any rate, I think Gamigo has a bad revenue acquisition model when it comes to this. You are trying to get people who are playing this version of the game explicitly to not pay money, to pay money. Generally, this does not work out. You can't wring blood from stone. Especially considering a lot of people are on unemployment right now and are budgeting their expenses. You guys remember that thing, the coronavirus? That's still happening, and the shutdown is still affecting a lot of us.

    Instead, you should be focusing on ways to get people who don't mind spending money easier ways to spend their money. Right now, as someone who doesn't mind shelling out cash, you make it very difficult to justify any in-game Marketplace purchase with your exorbitant pricing.

    The high-end costumes are 5850 credits, which means starting at 0, you'd have to pay $50 to get 8000 credits to buy them. $50 for a costume!! But let's say you buy the $99.99 credit option to get the most bang for your buck, you are still paying $33.93 for the costume. That's still a lot. Personally, I think costume prices should max out at around $20, which you can sometimes do if you find a credit sale AND a costume sale...but that's not really sustainable. Gamigo, I think in general you would find a lot more Marketplace activity if you just reduced costume prices.

    Consider also this - if I apply a Marketplace costume to my stat costume, that's essentially a one use item. I can't get that back without destroying the stat item, so why would I continue to buy new costumes if I can't get permanent access to them? So there's an in-game mechanic reason right there to NOT buy costumes (and yes, I realize you could always swap them while not in combat, but that's actually not the point. The point is that the game makes it easier to NOT buy new costumes). You could also add the costume trunk to our achievements or the Marketplace, as eventually inventory management becomes another limiting factor in costume acquisition.

    As far as fresh start, etc, I think what you should have done was included Fresh Start at the Silver level, but had a Character Expansion Slot at Gold. But I guess that ship has sailed.

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    Ok - here my honest feedback to ur decission in selling updates and doing fresh start server.

    --- About the Update ---
    So some googling and I found official (but translated) 6.5 Patch Notes from Korea showing what's in and what's not. Summing this up to the most important things for me.

    - T5 Hiram
    - T3 Erenor
    - T2 Erenor Cloaks
    - New Area: Garden of the Gods
    - There 4 Field Bosses
    - 1 new World Boss (Anthalon 2.0)
    - New Daily Quests
    - Quests give new Hiram Infusions (Divine - 3K XP | Epic - 5k XP | Eternal - 400k XP)
    - Castle Structure Updates (more dailies)
    - Minor Balance Updates
    - New World Boss Gear(4 Sets afaik)
    - Some Hero exclusiv skills
    - Mistsong Dungeon Rebalance
    - Hiram Dailies weekly change (excluding Eastern Hiram and Garden of the Gods)

    This is most likely what is in the update. So for activ gameplay u pay 15 bucks for exploring Gardens of the Gods, zerg down Field Bosses and Anthalon 2.0, do the same dailies every day in the new Area and maybe take a look at the rebalanced mistsong dungeon. The rest are items and speed upgrades (new infusions) for speeding up ur Hiram Item Progression.


    Just in comparison what u can get if u do not spend ur bucks on this "DLC" but spend it on other digital entertainment: Witcher 3 GOTY for 15 Bucks, Anno 1800 for 20 Bucks, one month FFXV, ... Don't want to extend this more bc this wouldn't end soon ...

    So - This comparison should show that u get literally nothing for ur 15 bucks ... The price is way too high for what it offers. Even if u hand out some "free" items like those titels u get. This is - maybe - worth 5 bucks and I even do not believe this is true.

    I totally agree - u want to earn money with this game. This is why u published this game and I do not criticize u for that. Servers and the people behind do cost money and u still want a plus. I agree. I also agree that if u do not earn the money by selling cosmetic items u consider selling free updates. BUT - if u wanna do so make them worth and big enough for the price u want ... Ok no ... Forget the last sentence. U sell the "DLC" to Unchained Players while Legacy Players get it for free. While Korean and Russian Players get this for free... Gamigo... Don't feel offended but I do not think this is fair in any way nor do I believe this is legal in any form. Might be wrong with legal or not but this move is by far the most and hardest pushed self destruction button u can imagine and seems like the last attempt of a big cash grab. I really feel disappointed, betrayed and angry...

    But ok - let's go on...

    --- Fresh Start Server ---

    I really do not get why u want to open new servers. Yeah - another cash grab bc we need to buy new accounts to be able to play on those servers. But what ur DLC Sell ♥♥♥♥ shows - there is no money to set up new servers. So - only thing I can imagine: U gonna share those servers performance and the fresh started ones will have the same poor performance as the actual ones - even worse bc there r now more servers to handle by the same hardware. Which isn't my biggest problem with fresh start.

    I played legacy a long time - probably 2 years on and off... I wasn't good nor am I now. But I stopped on legacy bc the game was dead. No new people arrived and the game felt empty and meaningless. Then Unchained arrived and I started fresh - did everything and had fun. Suddenly I was burned out by all those boring daily ♥♥♥♥ u gotta do to compete. Now I log in once a week and play for an hour or two - and I have the same feeling like on legacy. People stopped playing - I see a lot of empty farms, meet nearly noone outside of capital cities. The world - again - feels empty and meaningless. And u ask why u do not earn money with cosmetics. I tell u - people r bored. There is literally no content. 90% of the dungeons aren't even worth doing nor r they fun... All this daily ♥♥♥♥ isn't fun. All this zerging every day, waiting for events to start, waiting for players to arrive - isn't fun. And trading - yeah it's nice - once or twice... But doing ur 20min delivery runs every day to earn 150g ... every day ... isn't fun. So people quit - Servers are empty (almost) and u want to split them even more by adding more servers? Not only do I not know any game where they add "fresh start servers" that frequently as it happens with Archeage - no - I also do not know any game developer or publisher who wants to split their "MASSIVE Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game" player base in a way Archeage did in the past and will do in the future. Having so many fresh start attempts just shows that something isn't good about the game if u have to start over and over again. Make one server with plenty of players, with performant server hardware, rework those events to make them accessible by all those players (grim, crim, wh, aegis - instanced maybe?!) add a catch up system for new and returning players and add some open pvp events for those who want to paritcipate. Maybe then - MAYBE - u will have a game with which u can earn some money by having a fair business model. But the way u r going right now is the deepest self digged grave, the loudest "I don't care" u can give and the most ridiculous cash grab I ever experienced. And I played Bless Online...

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    Unchained needing to adjust its monetization model is understandable, the price and presence of an expansion is not what concerns me. Neither is stuff like the fresh-start server (which imo is actually very reasonable to have atm) or continuing issues with the game as all of that is expected for the kind of game ArcheAge is.

    The worrying part, which the first few posts echoed, is that this announcement was a huge blow to the core of AAU, which is trust in the publisher to uphold the "pillars" of what makes AAU different from other versions of ArcheAge.

    This kind of post should have been put up prior to the update's announcement, not as a clean-up attempt after the damage was already done. The ArchePass, the B2P price, the cash shop, the pillars of AAU monetization, they should have had serious efforts to adjust and adapt them to AAU's condition during the 8 months it's been up.

    Instead, we were greeted with sudden abandonment of one of those "pillars", that then tried to fly under the radar until players noticed and got riled. Even Trion, who did bait-and-switches both intentionally and unintentionally, never did anything as drastic as this without any notice, literally splitting off a core component of ArcheAge's future endgame.

    8 months of "committing" to AAU and it suddenly all feels hollow because things were switched up at the drop of a hat. This cannot be rectified, but ArcheAge has weathered worse. But for me personally, for Gamigo to move forward with this and still have my support, there needs to be a sign that there's a plan they're going to follow, not just grasping at random straws as they come up. Because the current model is no plan, it's a sign of desperation that points to AAU just backpedaling on everything it stood for. A real commitment to the expansion model would've waited a few more months to get all 3 parts of the Garden patch together, which is far more substantial and more easily convinces players to be on-board with paid expansions.

    Instead, there's just uncertainty. What is going to happen after the Garden DLC? There is no major update of this scale that'd warrant a separate DLC purchase 8 months later in our current pace following KR's roadmap. Except for the Golden Shrine dungeon, but if you're going to butcher stuff like that into its own DLC, you might as well just DLC every patch.

    There is clearly no plan to bolster revenue via the ArchePass either, otherwise there'd have been an investment on lowering the entry and risk for new players as other games like Black Desert have done successfully. A week-long free trial is archaic in MMORPGs, all the big competitors from WoW, FFXIV, GW2, BDO, etc have already learned that. It's not enough time to let players gauge whether they want to invest in the game, ESPECIALLY something like ArcheAge. (Not to mention advertising it with one of the worst trailers I've ever seen).

    When the money dries up from this wave of purchases, what will Gamigo pursue next? That's really all I want to see as a player, just something that shows that Gamigo really will actually be able to keep the lights on. Because all I see here is that when they reached a breaking point, they chose the route with the bare minimum of effort rather than what's best for the game/players/long-term revenue. And all I see in the future is a gradual butchering of the game after so much was done to build it back up.

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    More gear grind is not more content... Fix the stuff that's broken, and handle the exploits.. If the new content was actually content and not grind only then it would be worth considering.. But with exploits abound a new server is not the answer until you take responsibility for the current situation.

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    some extremely good points made here, i'm sad over this and it has nothing to do with charging for dlc or the packs, i think i'm more disturbed by the fresh start server, that's something i cant join i have 3 accounts 6 toons which i play all of them bought credits/costumes for all of them and enjoy playing them, yes casual low gs but i enjoy the house/trade/farming in game, yes i have so far missed a lot of the game but there was always hope that i would eventually do GS on my healer toon, the last few months because of covid i was ill so just coasting along but thought eventually that would be 100% possible for me, but now i don't think so, less i can buy another account that would go against tos right for fresh start, then i think why do we need a fresh start server, they cant run the servers we have now without serious lag at certain times and is there enough players for that even are u not gonna get the same issues, i'm at the point i don't want to buy anything more because there is lil to no investment in the player base at all and no game can function like that.

    They said about adding an extra char slot but these things should be decided before u put things up for sale, i'm not buying any packs without knowing, why should any1, there is no benefit to buy the packs not for me and i'm a person that buys prem archepass tickets for all my toons lel

    the only thing to swing this for me is if free char slots on say Archeum packs and then i'll buy 3 so i can then experience fresh start on those toons right because i refused to delete my other toons that i already invested considerable money in cosmetics. Or allowed to buy another account for the fresh start server.

    yes i'm very undecided i play this game for fun not to make money or have the highest GS.

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    Well Gamigo did not communicate with us at all and this is the shtstorm they deserve... The sad part is they will not learn from that and just go ahead doing nothing.

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    As your team member said in official discord:
    Attachment 22156

    Please find a way to separate access to new fresh start server from buying expansive DLC, or explain why we should pay more for that.

    You creating kind of VIP server only for people that pay more, for what? Why this fresh start server should cost more? please justify your decision.

    From ArcheAge: Unchained Interview with Merv Lee Kwai:
    Attachment 22157
    I can understand that you should sell something to keep work, but selling new server access that you open for lure old players and same new?! really?
    Make it a most affordable as you can, same of this new/old clients may keep playing there and offer DLC later.

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    First off, payed expansions is just common sense with a B2P model.
    Look at the bigger titles, what they cost and stop asking for free stuff.
    It makes this community look greedy as fack and they wont take us serious.

    Second, the archepass is really good as a catch up mechanism, there is a progression curve in late game that steeps up the proces of GS++.
    For pure pvp (arena's, GvG etc) you should always know ur in for a steep grind, for pvpve u get relevant faster to help damagedeal.
    And u dont need that much GS to denie.

    Last but not least, I see no point for fresh start servers, we take in new players!
    I see new players with lower scores in our 'bigger' guilds all the time.
    It's easier to boost these players from existing servers then new servers were we have to really focus on our progression.
    Hardcore pvp isn't going to come back a third time.
    True hardcore never came back to archeage after innitial launch... it's just what it is.
    If u dont know what I mean, u haven't been a hardcore player but a peon follower thinking he is hardcore... .
    I might be alone in this, but that would be the end of AA(:U) for me.
    I wont try chargeback cause I have had my fun with this game.
    But those who try, will have a solid argument to win that.

    That's my two cents.

    • Payed expansions: obviously I agree cause no P2W/Sub
    • Archepass: can be a usefull catch up mechanic
    • New servers: dont finally destroy this game
    • Nobody is letting them get recked from behind a third time.
    Dahuta - East - Retired
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