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    As most allready wrote, i do agree that it is perfectly fine with paied expansions, but the fact just is, as allready saied, theres simply not enough to call that an expansion, even tho XL claim it was 6 years in the making (the usual time a complete AAA MMO is created from scratch), it just isnt.
    Most B2P games with no P2W elements usualy uses this model, nothing new, perfectly fine, but it just isnt an expansion.
    Allso i could justify paying the small amount, even if it isnt an expansion.. BUT!

    And here is the BUT.

    Lib, laggy as hell when it was open, fix was to close it ?, this game aint new, it never lagged like that in Legacy when i played there, so it should have ben fixed by now.
    This is content, just lost
    In contrast, you want us to pay to get more content, but yet you take some of the midway content away?
    Here would be where i put in the idea to make lib an instance server, but we will get back to that further down.
    Since you charge 15 euro for this new DLC, would that mean i shoud have 10 euro back for my missing libary ?

    Lag fest, when the instance server is up.
    Again, your running an older game, not reinventing the wheel, this shoud work by now!

    Instance server
    How, just how can it be down so often.

    Fresh Server
    Noone asked for this, and why would they ?, most server are bleeding players to the point where you can have so much land for yourself you could claim yourself as king of your own zone.
    Why would you give people YET another reason to scatter
    Theres a LONG waittime to get into the Drillcamp PVP area, and it only needs a few players, same goes for most other instance PVP stuff.

    Gamigo, we would like problems to be fixed, not an expansion, not a new server, not loose more players due to a paywall.
    Price your costumes right, and put more of it in the marketplace, ask your Trionwolds remaining staff how to price it, they know from RIFT. People will buy, but not for any price, even in RIFT they had costumes with basic looks in, and they did sell.
    And put some useful stuff in the archepass premium.

    You are heading down the same well you fished this game up from, stop dumping it down there again, you know where it leads.

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