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    FIX THE EVENT TIMERS XL games pls give a feedback to gamigo , you destroying commuinitys and guilds with this , how the heck can that be that we wait for now 9 + month to get event timers back how they was befor pls do that i have the nose full TBH go change event timers many peoples wanna have back event fun with their guild mates pls
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    I'm sure this has been said before, but I just want to point out a few things. If you, Gamigo, are wondering why you're not making as much money as you've projected..

    1. Cost of Items too high
    You've got a lot of costumes and such on the market that, IMO, are simply just too high a price.
    Add to that the inflexibility to take parts of costumes to mix/match for particular looks doesn't make things better IMO.

    2. In-game Market system terrible
    Compare what Guild Wars 2 has versus what we're dealing with here in this game, and the experience is utterly disappointing. i.e. preview of items on a character are so small, and sometimes can't see.

    3. Degrading Game Performance (Servers worse..)
    Ever since you've moved to Atlanta, the servers are generating frequent lag spikes, sometimes major spikes, and on occasion spikes(for those of us with higher ping) that disconnect us/crashes the game client.

    4. Contributing Factors of Population Decline

    4.1 Creating a Fresh Start Server

    4.2 Release of the SEA server (removed a lot of APAC players from the game)

    4.3 Garden Game Design

    4.3.1 No communication/identification with guild/family members inside or outside of the garden
    This fragments players and makes it harder to coordinate activities in any part of the game.

    4.3.2 The Garden should NEVER have been an 'instance'. It should have been a continuing zone of the game. It doesn't need to be an instance.

    4.3.3 Mob strength and death penalty way too high to make it really fun or worth-while to do much in the garden, outside daily boss mobs.

    4.3.4 Design promotes people going AFK to get ranks rather than play the content. Due in part to above points.


    You want to make money with this game. Well, the above IMO, are things that aren't doing you any favors, among other reasons...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siddalee View Post
    I don't mind paying for an expansion, although I don't think this is enough content to justify a regular expansion. It's really only useful for end-game, when generally expansions have something for everyone.

    At any rate, I think Gamigo has a bad revenue acquisition model when it comes to this. You are trying to get people who are playing this version of the game explicitly to not pay money, to pay money. Generally, this does not work out. You can't wring blood from stone. Especially considering a lot of people are on unemployment right now and are budgeting their expenses. You guys remember that thing, the coronavirus? That's still happening, and the shutdown is still affecting a lot of us.

    Instead, you should be focusing on ways to get people who don't mind spending money easier ways to spend their money. Right now, as someone who doesn't mind shelling out cash, you make it very difficult to justify any in-game Marketplace purchase with your exorbitant pricing.

    The high-end costumes are 5850 credits, which means starting at 0, you'd have to pay $50 to get 8000 credits to buy them. $50 for a costume!! But let's say you buy the $99.99 credit option to get the most bang for your buck, you are still paying $33.93 for the costume. That's still a lot. Personally, I think costume prices should max out at around $20, which you can sometimes do if you find a credit sale AND a costume sale...but that's not really sustainable. Gamigo, I think in general you would find a lot more Marketplace activity if you just reduced costume prices.

    Consider also this - if I apply a Marketplace costume to my stat costume, that's essentially a one use item. I can't get that back without destroying the stat item, so why would I continue to buy new costumes if I can't get permanent access to them? So there's an in-game mechanic reason right there to NOT buy costumes (and yes, I realize you could always swap them while not in combat, but that's actually not the point. The point is that the game makes it easier to NOT buy new costumes). You could also add the costume trunk to our achievements or the Marketplace, as eventually inventory management becomes another limiting factor in costume acquisition.

    As far as fresh start, etc, I think what you should have done was included Fresh Start at the Silver level, but had a Character Expansion Slot at Gold. But I guess that ship has sailed.
    100% agree! Also more FURNISHINGS! Everything cosmetic in the cash shop is just too expensive and not worth it. I mean Buying the silver DLC gave me 500 credits. May as well give 0 since 500 gets you nothing worth having. Not even a stupid salon ticket.
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