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Start with filing a complaint at the BBB then organizing a class-action lawsuit.
Register a complaint - makes sense. Lawsuit does not make sense because of the amount of monetary damages you would be looking at vs the cost of the suit. Example - There's a fast food place near me that has a big sign " 2 for $6 Anytime ". I went in at 10 am and ordered a 2 for 6, and the manager told me they dont fire up the grill until 11 am. I complained and pointed out the sign. She said 'sorry'. I sent an email to the company. However, despite the flagrant false advertising, there is no basis for a lawsuit since it did not hurt me financially. I checked.

Suing for whatever the cost was for the pack(s) you specifically bought at the beginning based on their advertising does not make a whole lot of sense. File complaints, yes, that's cool, but don't waste your time and money needlessly.