Serious discussion about Cash shop changes

Hi my name is Kyo and i play on the Halnaak server. This thread is being made for a serious discussion of the cash shop prices/items. If you have any ideas please comment them under this thread. I will try to add good ideas to thread later down the line.

Okey buckle up here we go.

Reason for this thread
Alot of players would like to see diffrent pricing on costumes, items and decor in the cash shop. Now i understand saying 5$ per costume is not a serious request so... These are the ideas of most people.

Genderswap/salon Certificate
I would say lower the price for both. Its rare that somebody will gender swap in general so to make it 20$ makes it even less apealing. I would say change the price of salon certificate to 350 credits and genderswap to 500 credits, this will make it so people will more often change appereance or genderswap.
Fusion alembic
Is going for 675 credits? Its an item you can obtain in the game for 20g. I would say change that to 50 credits a peace.
Guild name change ticket
Is going for 5000 credits that is 50$. i think this is self explanatory why this is too expansive, i say change this to 20$ worth of credits, this make it way more accesible.

First and foremost please streamline the prices for costumes, i understand that Gamigo needs to make money but 50$ for some of the costumes is just simply way too overpriced.
So what do i suggest you ask?
Make them 10/15$ each, most of the community wants this(i can make a straw poll for you as proof). Raise the price of new costumes to 15$(make a few limited costumes that fit in with the expansion/seasons of the game), but drop the price back down to 10$ later when you have a new costume on the market. If you can sell 500 @ $10, that's a lot more than 10 @ $50. Another thing i would say is stop with the rotation of the non expansion/season costumes. In my opionion it does no good. Add all posible costumes to the cash shop, this will give you a higher chance of selling costumes if you give people the maximum amount of options to choose from.
Another idea is to add costume crates for example make a crate that has 3 costumes in it that are already avaible in the cash shop but price the crate in a way that the 3rd costume is discounted.

Okey for this one im gonna be honest i dont know a single person that baught any of the pets. Idk what you guys can do about this besides lowering the price.

I would say to streamline the prices of these as well. i would say 2500 credits a piece. A person would only buy 1 of these and to be honest some of them arent even remotely worth 50$.

Okey you guys have been doing a good job of selling decor packs. This is the right approach i would however change the price to around 2500/3000 credits so its 20$ to make your house look like you want it.
Also sell the decor seprately for fair prices, think of 50/100/200/300 credits per furniture depending on size and what the furniture actually is for example a full on king size bed should go for 300 credits but a chair should maybe go for50/100 credits. Once again get rid of the rotation (keep the rotation of halloween or christmas decor they make sense to have) add as much decor/furniture examples:
-Maybe more picture frames or more western pictures. Trinkets to put on bookshelves.
-The Yata decor, Candy decor, Mushroom decor, There are some on KR we havent yet seen on NA/EU Such as the playground sets that have trampolines, roller coasters, etc.

Once again add as much as posibe. The pricing in here is on point perfect approach on the UCC weapon crates and selling them seprately.
For the emotes i would change to be 500credits a pc. Reason for that is once again not a lot of people buy these so if you make it more appealing to buy.

Add all the instrument to the UCC tab no reason for them to be in there.
Add Seasonal costumes/furniture such as christmas/halloween packs.

A personal message i want to send to Gamigo with this thread.
I understand that you might not agree with everything that is stated within this thread. But i do believe that this is neccesery for the survival of the game. Please don't brush this thread to the side but instead try to make a serious discussion with the community and make a decision. With all due respect its clear to everybody that the current Cash shop is not doing well so we as the community would love to help making it better, the community does not want the game to fail so we hope you will take this message seriously <3.