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Thread: Why make new servers?

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    Why make new servers?

    Honestly...why...? Unless Gamingo are actual gold sellers and are wanting to carry on the gravy train...

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    Well, with all the problem,there is no new player, and veteran just stop too because of GS problem, so unstead of solving GS problem and goldseller, they prefer to open new server to cash grab a bit more before the whole community see whats coming and drop it.

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    In AAU, %99 are gold buyer players already... Look at the insane gear score players and AH prices... it is ridiculous. Most of the players have the legacy gear scores with best items, it is really WoW... x5 AAU servers are dead servers which no open world pvp or pve and sea is totally empty (like in legacy ppl are dueling with each other at capitals lol). Tons of farms without anything growing but most of them are empty etc.

    Fresh server will make other servers to merge that I hope that a merge happens and total x3 servers and 1 new fresh server remain for AAU EU. Thy ruined AA once again and there is no returning back .
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    ye i must be in that 1% that don't buy gold cause i've not bothered about GS, i'd say 80% farms have nothing on them it's just empty scarecrows everywhere and the odd land hoarders still, AH well thats really expensive and that's if u do sell or buy, the economy is not healthy, and to introduce a fresh start server lel, i can't justify it, i've decided i'm not interested in the fresh start server i've only played Alexander since launch and thats where i'm staying, can i justify the price for the DLC not really or the other packs but i can understand the reason why, anyways i just bought the highest pack credits for 2 of my accounts that's £150, the mushroom decor pack was taken out the credit store, why? i don't have enough things that are useful i want to buy, there is to much listing of wat is P2W insanity, the anywhere storage and mail boxes should be credit store and mounts should be credit store any housing decor items throw them in the credit store, i'd like to see a lot more in the credit store that i can actually buy, u have ppl floating around 17k GS wat are we actually afraid of that's P2W its already happen and is happening i think the losers here are the company because the business model was unsustainable, is it a money grab, ye maybe but i can't blame them, the Archepass really does give a lot away for free and they have given a lot of events and catch up opportunities double packs from launch, i think this whole game is built round the P2W model and it doesn't convert well into B2P at all, i can see why ppl like a fresh start server because there is no real long term value and investment into the game to sustain in the long run, some1 from my family compared it to the likes of any other mobile game, there is soooo much potential that's totally wasted as well though, for me an mmo should be something i want to play for years like i did for several for GW2, there is defiantly money to be made from running a game properly so we all can be winners, no game is free and the ppl that feel entitled that it should well we don't need those ppl they don't really ever invest into the game do they lets cut the leeches, but make it a fair trade so we have balance, things need to be fixed game bugs issues, as for gold sellers/buyers if u can't beat them join them, get rid of them the illegal ones and the company is the only ppl to sell gold say for credits to convert so easy simple way to make money because its already happening under ur nose and cutting out ur profit, maybe i don't understand the issues wit P2W because i realized that nothing in life is free, just because something cost more or has a nice car house they earn more money than me doesn't mean they aren't entitled to spend their money how they see fit we all make choices and its actually free to choose, no i don't want to be ripped off but fair trade, simple. I think the ppl that protest over P2W are not the ppl that actually spend any money to support the game and no game especially an MMO is free.

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    I cant justify the price of the DLC, the GS requirement is ridiculously out of my league and the perks arent quite perky enough =/
    Fresh Start servers seem silly to me as the starting areas are totally empty. Not saying dedgame, just hoping they attract actual fresh players and that the rest of us have learned!

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    Same here. I keep trying to find a reason to get the DLC, but there is just no good rationale, especially in this economy. The DLC doesn't even apply to any of my characters. I have a well rounded version of play. I try ti improve gear when I can but I have multiple duplexes making mats for traderuns- because I do NOT buy gold. So my main GS is 6.8. Can't even get into Golden Plains with that. I got T2 gems. Why would I care that the new DLC has T5 ?

    Fresh Start - what is the point? I may do it just because I want to keep my record of participating in every Start since the game opened - but maybe just one character. After all, what's the point ? We know the end result. In 6 months the GS gap will be huge. The High GS will become the inter-Faction bullies and fight among themselves. End game content will be shut off from the average player. Just look at what the game is Today and you will see Exactly what the Fresh Start WILL become.

    So what is the point ? The inherent flaw of the Game is that the Company absolutely Refuses to change the Gear. They Refuse to make gear that ALL players can get to the "Top " which would then make PvP become skill based instead of Gear based. The Gear Gap Kills the game in every new Iteration. It has Always killed the game. Every time.

    And now they want to try another Fresh Start with all the same rules. I just don't see any reason to participate. And yet, once it launches, the current server populations will collapse. And this will be what GR looks like :

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    Why? Answer...

    And why not? They gotta keep folks employed and servers up and running.
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    Interesting, if publisher released special limited packs timed to new patch with good amount of costumes, glider/gear/weapons images that possible to choose and cosmetics stuff , it will be same or better then "DLC" and FS selling?

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