I have some questions. Can we get real answers before we pay big moneys?

1. Do we get Garden of Gods (minimum 14k GS) map and quests in new server?
if yes
1.a. Do we play with players of legacy and old AAU servers in this map?: if yes than this will break whole progression and in game economy? If we can join to party/raid than this contents will be easy power leveling for weak new characters. If we can trade in this area than this is resource transfer between servers(!!!)
1.b. Do this contents have log in requirements? (like in other dungeons and instances. Example: 14k GS or 8k GS)

2. How can we upgrade our original "Full content without any DLC or expansion costs" silver packages to real full content New server account? What is the cost of upgrade?
Silver-gold Difference of packages of old accounts = pack price of NEW ACCOUNT. If we can convert silver pack in lower prices than write it in your shop!

3. Character slots of new server
Do you use any character restrictions in new server? (example: maximum 1 or 2 character in this server). If not but we will get character slot scrolls than this offer will change NOTHING: If we keep old characters we will lose in new server's competition. If we delete all characters first than we lose progression of last 8 months.

4. Do you change any character bound restrictions to account bound in new server?
Alt characters of same account give us "Unfair advantages" vs average players. It's not optional now. Chose it or you will be in disadvantages! Change nonsense character bound limits to account bound, please!
High income sources now:
- vocation /family quests: vocation, cargo, onyx
- dungeon daily limits: star/moon/sunlight archeums, synthium materials, lunagems
- honor: insane income/CHARACTER. lunagems
- ArchePass

5. Do you use REAL customer service and do you control accounts in new server or do you let us cheat with multiple accounts and buy golds without ban like in "old" AAU servers?
Cheaters destroy game and you do NOTHING! If you think that 15-18k GS came from 3 accounts than you should try something else in your working life. Game market is not your business.
Your near zero support makes huge damage too. Your feedback and resolve problem times are a bad jokes now.

6. Can we use 3 accounts/"player" now or do you change it?

7. Do you keep crafting request system and workbenches in game?
This is labor trade option and you let us use more than 3 accounts without control now. Working for "free" is not real trade. That is new form of goldsellers transactions... or its simple cheat.

8. Do we have chance to get original "balanced korean" recipes?
Trino asked "Minor changes" in the past and we got this changes in all patch and in all servers. Cheap changes like 5 raw materials to 3 in processing (-40% costs of all crafts and buildings) and 100 gilda star cottages to 30 (cheap house upgrades and fast mass production in game. Landgrabbers without any real effort, unused lands + not enough lands for real active farmers. )