Hello everyone,
With today's maintenance for ArcheAge: Unchained we have added the possibility of purchasing a Bound Character Expansion Scroll for 50 Diligence. This scroll can only be purchased once per account.
This scroll allows you to create a 3rd character, but please note that you can only have a maximum of 2 characters per server. This 3rd character can be used on the Fresh Start server if you wish, but it can be used on any server of your choice.

Anyone who claimed the Bound Character Expansion Scroll and created the 3rd Character on a server that exceeds the 2 character server cap will have their most recently created character removed. Additionally, if you have used the Bound Character Expansion Scroll you will not be refunded your Diligence Coins. If you have purchased it but have not yet used it, you can contact our support team at https://support.gamigo.com/ for assistance.

Thank you,
~The ArcheAge Team