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Thread: Fresh start server NA Stena

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    Fresh start server NA Stena

    [Stena][Semi-Hardcore][West] <Titan's Hand> is recruiting!

    We are recruiting new members!

    We don’t have an age restriction, but are looking for mature members who like to have fun. We are an English-speaking community (can be any other nationality as long you speak english) that understands that real-life comes first.

    We do all in game content, both PvE and PvP, as a guild. T

    We help everyone with everything we can, so don't hesitate to ask us about anything you need help (or guidance) with, especially if this is your first go at ArcheAge Unchained!

    The type of content we currently focus and will later focus on is:
    • Dungeons
    • World PvP
    • Trading
    • Arenas
    • World bosses
    • Party level grind
    • Naval adventures
    • Having fun together

    Our requirements of you:
    • Have a microphone
    • Socialize with us on discord and in game.
    • Guild comes first in important matters.
    • Preferred time zone is GMT+1 or any other time zone that is +/- 4h difference ( either 4 before or after )

    If this has spiked your interest and you would like to learn more about our guild, then message in private .

    For more info message me on discord Melancholy#6292

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    We are recruiting atm
    • Tanks: 1
    • Healers: 3-4
    • Mages:2
    • Archers:1
    • Melee:3

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