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AAU Fresh Start FAQ:
Q: Will the Fresh Start Servers be sharing cross-world instances with existing servers? A: The new Fresh Start servers for Unchained will not be connected to the same instance pool as existing servers. This means Arenas, Dungeons, Raids, and the Garden will all be localized only to the fresh start server, with no cross over to existing servers. They may be connected at a later date based upon the serverís growth.Q: Will Labor be shared or separate on old servers and the fresh starts? A: Account-based labor is shared across all servers, including Fresh Start. However, server-specific labor pools that are increased by items such as Server Labor Rechargers are not shared between different worlds. Q: If the Fresh Servers have too long of a queue, will more servers be introduced? A: We are not currently planning on opening more than 1 world per region at this time. Q: Will there be a landlock, if so, for how long? A: Yes, there will be a housing restriction in place at the opening of the server. We will provide the specific date/time shortly, but expect to see it handled similarly to all server starts in the recent past.Q: Will the ArchePass be restricted at the beginning of the Fresh Starts? A: Currently there are ongoing discussions about the restrictions, if any, regarding the ArchePass for the Fresh Start Servers. Once we get more information about the ArchePass, we will forward the information and update the answer to this question.Q: Will world bosses [such as the DGS] be disabled at the beginning of the Fresh Start? A: There is no plan to restrict these bosses at the beginning of Fresh Start. Q: Will there be name reservations or Character creation be available for the Fresh Start Servers? A: No, name reservation and pre-creation of characters will not be available for the Fresh Start. Q: How many characters can I have on the Fresh Start Servers?A: You can only have one character on the Fresh Start Servers at this time.
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