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Thread: Question on punishment for Great Plain issues.

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    Question on punishment for Great Plain issues.

    I'm pretty much convinced the worse aspect of Great Plain BG is the people that INSIST on feeding the enemy free kills.

    The AFK just gets worse and worse, every time NUI charges off the to the hill, just to get WIPED out, many times with 0 (zero) kills, and feed the reds like 20+ kills, only to see the same people get up, charge towards them again and again.

    Its worse than the AFK cause is just motivates people to ONLY afk.
    Its worse than the GS discrepancy, cause it feeds the reds more honor so they get more gear improvements.

    Does AAU have any punishment plans for these "RG HILL" people?
    And the afk'ers for that matter, but also the EXTREME gear score discrepancy.
    There is no way a new player is EVER going to dent the 18K+ gear scores the east has over west.

    As a NUI player, it is better to just try and find wild herbs or go AFK between the 10K gap in gs to the "RG HILL" people who feed them.

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    the issue in NUI are not the strategies or tactics: the issue in NUI are the socalled "heroes" with high GS bought with RM whom only know the "W W" tactic.

    Some of them have alts in red and blue, so they can play both sides. Sometimes they feed alts just to keep balanced.

    the best GP is the third one, where the labor recharger is already taken and more than half of character is not there (last was 90 partecipants total).

    It could be a solution to have GP by GS: <10K and >10k. Then you can track and see which character is active or not...

    The other solution could be to remove the Labor potion and leadership prize or keeping it lowest as possibile as per Red Dragon.

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