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Thread: Can this laptop run Archeage Unchained : Garden ?

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    Smile Can this laptop run Archeage Unchained : Garden ?

    Good night fellow people of ArcheAge.
    I would like to ask if this laptop would be enough to play ArcheAge Unchained Garden Patch, in medium graphic or at least low graphic?

    Thank you guys for your time!

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    I have no experience playing on a laptop, but I've played for a long time on a bad PC.
    Trust me when I say that 4GB RAM turn the game into an unpleasant experience. It will have a hard time running even on the lowest settings.
    I can't say much about the other specs but I guess it doesn't look good.
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    This laptop can run ArcheAge, but even in low settings it will be a torment in high population locations. For my opinion thit laptop have 3 weakness:
    1) RAM im current situation minimum 8Gb needed, given the integrated Vega 3.
    2) Too small SSD storage - 256Gb minimum, if you didnt want a problems with windows 10 updates. But if you use it only for single Archeage game it can be enough. For example my current windows folder size 20Gb, game folder - 40Gb .
    3) A bit weak 2-core processor for games.
    In summary this laptop can run Archeage, but only like a second window for farmwille, not for pvp activities.
    But my conclusions were built only on the bare specifications of the laptop. Actual use may vary, depending on the implementation of the cooling system and quality components.

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    I have that laptop and play Archeage on it - low settings. Added 4GB RAM for $30 and and added a 256 GB SSD for cheap also - although that's just because I wanted more games, not required if all you want to do is play Archeage. I generally get 30 - 50 fps, will drop down to 10-15 fps in full 100 man raids but still playable. The Ryzen series CPUs are impressive - compare favorably to i5's.

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    I just want it due that in my country we get lots of blackout and I can play while they're ongoing with the laptop, so if I buy another 4gb ram it would run smoothly, thank you guys!

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    on low settings yes !

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