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Thread: Minimum Crafting Fees for Crafting Request Board

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    Minimum Crafting Fees for Crafting Request Board

    I recently put together a crafting request for an Erenor Shortspear Scroll. Like most players, I have nowhere near 180,000 weaponry and having another player craft this is my only option.

    When I listed today, I noticed there was a 933 gold minimum listing fee. Is this correct? There have never been minimum fees before this patch. I listed it two days ago without one. I can find no information in the patch notes about this change. I don't mind paying for someone else's labor, but that level of fee seems excessive. Given the value of the individual materials, I wouldn't trust most players with doing it off the board, either.

    I also cannot find any Completion Scrolls. They are supposed to be a 25,000 vocation badge item, but they don't seem to be sold anywhere. What's with that?



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    There has always been a minimum listing fee. I just can't say if it was that high. I remember crafting erenor items for several hundred gold. I vaguely remember crafting for 20silver/lp over a year ago which means 336g at 230k weaponry. Since you only get paid 50% of the fee it means that the original fee must have been more than 600g.
    However I can't say if it was the minimum crafting fee or an increased price by the player who wanted it crafted.

    About the completion scrolls: I think they were removed from the game after a short time (maybe because they destroyed crafting) and I think they never even made it to unchained.
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