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Thread: 24 Hours After the Land Rush on Stena

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    24 Hours After the Land Rush on Stena

    So, here's the aftermath of the rush...

    I hope the powers that be are re-thinking the price structure and strategy to get more players into the game. Like the old saying goes, 100% of nothing is still nothing.
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    Another ded server!

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    This is great. I wouldn’t make a character on that server if the dilli thing was free and hope it stays empty. Maybe then Gamigo will wise up and make a functional marketing system by actually selling things in the marketplace that are “APPEALING”. Fix the foundational issues they have. Also go back to double daily rewards because that’s like minimum I want as far as progression goes.

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    This is no different than the original Unchained land rush. I set up in Arcum, and on land rush day there were a total of 4 players (including me). Over time it filled in.

    This FS there were a dozen or more characters ( I like Arcum ) and there are 20 - 30 lots laid out. I was kinda surprized that very few people took the time the first week to do some mining and store up the mats so they could build on day 1 of land rush. But hey, to each his or her own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dumbo View Post
    This is no different than the original Unchained land rush.
    You are comparing this to your experience on Denistrious (Haranya), which isn't the same as what happened on the other servers. Denistrious and especially the Harani side is a bad example to be fair because it extremely underpopulated and from what I can see in the auction house, the economy is bad. As you know Denistrious isn't my main server and I only visit it frequently every other day. My main server is Alexander (EU server) and it's totally different from Denistrious. You can see open land on Denistrious, which makes it easier to build bigger houses. The amount of 44x44s and 28x28s on Denistrious so much higher and a lot of people don't even bother with 16x16s (except for certain regions). The landrush on Alexander after the launch was insane: If you were an hour too late you had to be lucky to get a single 8x8 or 16x16 across all regions. And even now it is almost impossible to find free spots, because demo spots get instantly claimed.

    I am not saying that you are totally wrong, but what I hear about population on both FS servers is devastating and I feel sorry for everyone who got lured into them. If it already starts out like this I don't want to see how it will continue.
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