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    ArcheAge - EU and NA Maintenance 25th June

    Hello everyone,
    The scheduled weekly server maintenance will be on Thursday the 25th of June, the downtime is expected to last 4 hours for both NA and EU servers. Everyone will receive a ~113 MB patch after this maintenance.

    The times for this maintenance are as follows:
    EU: 7:00am UTC
    NA: 5:00am PDT

    Changes this Patch:
    - Fixed an issue that caused summoned pet health to appear in red in the Garden
    - Fixed an issue with characters being displayed abnormally in snow piles in Hiram Mountains
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    Missing Merchants Favor Vendor

    Im from Kadum, ever since the garden was released , the merchants favor machine has been missing from Mirage Isle. Didn`t know if there was any info on this, or a possable return date.

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