I think its about time to address what ArcheAge is truly lacking. Guild activity. There is essentially NOTHING to do as a guild that benefits the guild and provides any type of challenge.

Doms have been absolutely worthless ever since 90% of the games gold can be ran in safe zones and peace treaties are easy to up keep. Reason being there is NOTHING of value in the guild prestige shops. Misagon crystals and boxes. Pretty much all you get.

How about ANYTIME instances, not these rush to get home and get online, small windows of time that leave people with utter frustration if they have a poor net day.

10 and 15 man dungeons need to be introduced into the game Fall of hiram does not cut it because, as large as the window is, It still conflicts with end game content, which once again, has a window.

Its like you may as well run the servers from reset to reset +4 and then shut off half the servers, There is little to no point to be on after that. Run packs to diamond shores or freedich? Labor gate. PvP someone for hours? No benefit what so ever. Respawn timers suck, what is the point of them? let pvp deaths not run the timer so more people don't have to sit twiddling their thumbs and can enjoy fighting.

Just some Ideas.

We could make it worth it to go to the enemy continent somehow? 4 World bosses every 6 to 8 hours for a possibility of 3 crates that require an arm and a leg to open is a drop in the bucket. Where's some espionage? Sabotage? can we have wars over community center progression... CAN TURNING IN BLUE SALT BONDS FOR RESIDENCY ACTUALLY BENEFIT SOMEONE???? I may be asking too much but we have a lot of old systems that need to be revised and revamped to meet the new needs set upon the players.

Just sayin.