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Thread: How do I extract the 3D character I created?

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    How do I extract the 3D character I created?

    Hello, this account is old but I'm relatively inexperienced with ArcheAge.

    I remember that I created a character that I really loved in this game, and so I logged in and my salon data is still here so I managed to recreate the character.

    But, I want to extract this character out of the game? To other 3D software like Blender or Daz Studio? Is this possible?

    Can anyone help me? Is there an easy way to extract the 3D character model without combining the part files?

    Thanks in advance!

    Note - I'm not a tech geek so I'm bad with both 3D and codes, and I'm just asking this for personal use.

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    Keep in mind the game might flag this as a hacktool and get your account banned. I would recommend getting a mods input before using.

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    Did you ever manage to do extract the model of your character?

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