In my opinion Archeage needs more pvp options. Think of it - right now the only relatively organized pvp is Golden Plains Battle, it is fun mass pvp however with that many people it is full of bugs or lags (on older pc's).
And here come the other arenas which I think are a missed opportunity. Take a drill camp arena, unfortunately due to the unsatisfactory rewards, hardly anyone attends it. And most of the time you will wait forever to get an entry. So here's what I think should be done:

1. Make the arenas available only at certain times, so that they become anticipated and more significant.
2. Introduce better rewards like for example honor points - this will encourage people to not only attend the arena but also form organized groups as well as increase the amount of guild content and competitiveness.
3. Add 5v5 arenas or 3v3.

Those are my suggestions so far, I will gladly here other people opinions on that or maybe some better ideas.