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Thread: My sentiment about FFA Arena and kyrios badges

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    My sentiment about FFA Arena and kyrios badges

    Okay, so today i'll be explaining the current and ongoing situation for me and farming kyrios badges.

    First of all, the arena shop is pretty attractive to me. I want most tamed mounts, so i kind of need 15 capture boxes (800 token each), i also want a turtleship (10k kyrios badges), and i want a naranaya squire (2k badges) a hellhound (1.5k badges) and later on ellam (the collection achievement pet) that requires me many pets (additional badges required) and tuskora too (the collection achievement too so that's another reason for getting all tamed mounts). So to say, i need to farm over 30 000 kyrios badges. I'm a mount/pet/glider/ship/vehicle collector, that's my major hobby in archeage unchained as it was in archeage too before.

    Now, the best way, by far, to get kyrios badges right now, is to farm Free for All arena. It's the instance that gives the most tokens per minute for me, like many people.

    First of all, i'm a team player, that's why i want a mandragora tamed mount for example, which is obviously a raid mount, with the increased healing in radius it provides that nearly never helps a solo player. Or tuskora, a group mount. Or the turtleship, which is best with a ship crew. etc.

    Also, most of what i want to buy from the arena shop can only be used in open world, where i need to farm for it specifically in an instance (FFA arena) where i can't use anything i'm collecting (pets, mounts, vehicles) from doing it. So i have to chose between enjoying the content i like and that i gathered or spending time to get new content i like, but i can't have both at the same time. So when i want something new, i have to cope with doing something that bores me because i'm not using the items i like the most in order to get new ones.

    And FFA arena is solo play only, you're enemies with everyone (except if you cheat like some people do), so i find it really boring to play, i want teamplay, i play MMOs to have a teamplay experience, and i feel forced to play solo to get the content i want where i hate that really.

    To add another layer of disappointment to that as far as i am concerned, i'm playing Soulsong class, a mix of archery, songs and heals, so a hybird class that is mostly effective in raids with good and well thought out gear. I don't want to discuss the efficiency of this choice, it's just the class i play, that the game allows me to do.

    Well, the FFA arena, at each startup, forces me to specialize my stats between bow and heals (agility vs spirit) and to choose only one of them, so i kind of have to give up on the efficiency of half of my skills each time i enter the arena, or then i have respec into a metagame class i don't want to play, and that bores me, by also spending gold everytime i respec to farm FFA, so... everyday, considering how many tokens i need and considering the FFA arena entry is limited and reset daily. Since i don't want to pay gold everyday, i just enter the arena as i am and i lose like most duels, like 90% of time because of my build. The only thing i can do is last hit bosses and weakened players in 1v1v1. So to say, my chances to get a big score in arena are pretty slim versus good players, and i lose pretty often, just because of the build that i'm using, that the game doesn't seem to consider fully.

    The only good thing about FFA arena is you can gain tokens also when you lose. I would then be tempted, like 60% of players i meet in arena usually do, to afk in there, to spare me the pain of playing it, but the game prevents that by setting an 8 hour ingame debuff if you afk in arena, preventing another entry for like several days if you work during the week and have a few hours to play each day to use up that debuff. Some players also cheat, using non legit software to bypass that afk detection, which i don't want to resort to because i don't want to be banned for that a few months later possibly.

    Also, i'd say the average token i'm getting per match is around 25. That's 50 per day with 2 base entries per day. Considering i need around 30k badges to get all the items i want,

    - i need to play during 600 days (during 2 years, everyday) this arena i dislike to get the items i want,
    with a build with only half the skills properly working because of my hybrid class,
    - being forced to play solo because this arena is the best way to get the tokens where i'm a team player in essence,
    - being forced to join an instance where all i really want is open world content,
    - so to sum up things, the arena rewards and the way to obtain them don't address the same demographic,
    - also it's always the same instance everyday, and after hundreds of entries, let's say i know it too much.
    - And the game doesn't want me to afk in there, which could be a kind of solution because it's not legit.

    So i feel like i'm really forced to do something i dislike and have little chances of winning everyday, i often play as target dummy, because the rewards are appealing to me, and it's the only way to obtain them in the game.

    I think other players i have talked with share at least some of my previous points i mentionned.

    So to say, i'm quite disappointed with the current situation of kyrios badges farming. The team arena is kind of a waste of time with little tokens to gain, i don't want to enter FFA arena, but i feel like it's the only reasonable solution. But doing that i' m doing something i don't want to, that has many flaws.

    The archepass provides a little kyrios badges, which is cool and i do it every time, but considering the low amounts it gives me it's not nearly as sufficient for buying anything.

    What i would suggest :
    - make new ways to get kyrios badges, something more varied, that requires bigger numbers of players, teamplay, maybe in open world, maybe with already existing content to save dev time,
    - or create cross currency exchanges, like make it possible to buy kyrios badges with honor, or vocation for example, to make farmers, crafters, and open world fighters have more badges in different ways, even if the price is set up high, at least make that possible,
    - or create new ways to get the items from arena shop, or decrease the overall badge value on some items to make it easier to get them,
    - fix the statistics problems for hybrid classes in ffa arena (melee+magic, bow+magic, bow+healing,melee+healing etc),
    - make events where people can make tons of badges when playing dedicatedly
    - make double kyrios badges events (it's like the only currency that never gets doubled with events, i feel like there is no reason for that)
    - increase badge gain from existing team arena, especially when you lose,
    - increase kyrios badges gain from archepasses,
    - maybe make it legit to afk in arena if everything else is not feasible.

    I'm not a native english speaker, so i tried to be as clear as possible. Even with a few grammar mistakes or so here and there, i think my point is made clear enough.

    Thank you for your attention,


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    I think you are right. There must be funnier ways to earn kyrios badges not just ffa. Also drill camp arena is completely ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ cus ppl make teams against non-team/random players to get easy win. Also in crazzian server some IIIIIIIIIII named characters farm their alts in drill camp arena and yes they can log in 10 alts and 10 real players....

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    add them to halcy..

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