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    Lavaspark Battle Pet

    My character is a dwarf and I find that my Lavaspark tends to hang up more and more.

    When I say it hangs up, I mean in tall grass, the ground, and it also is .. very slow - even though I have gems to help it move faster across the ground.

    I love this battlepet, but the way it continually hangs up on things - due to it being low on the ground and how it closes it's wings in even small puddles of water is... well dismaying.

    - Also, sometimes it's as if it pauses and forgets what it is doing. (No, I am not lagging).


    So my thing is it's slow, hangs up on elements around it far too often and has almost what seems to be "memory lapses" on what it is doing, and then how the wings fold up even in small bits of water (i.e. in Whalesong small puddles).
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    Hey Ode,
    By chance do you have a video of your Lavaspark acting strange? Feel free to send it to me via Private Message so we can see what's going on!
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