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    player misconduct

    a few days ago I have accompanied a player called ****, harana who is only looking for and killing who is afk in the gardem. that is clearly intended to harm other players. I do not know if it is possible to punish but I leave here my report of the conduct before sports and harmful u game of this **** player from the server aria continent harana

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    While his behavior is morally wrong from a real-life perspective what you describe is by no means against any rule of the game. You could even argue that the game wants you to do that because your points (honor, hostile faction kills, garden points) go up even if the victim has the afk tag.

    If you seriously want to report someone, create a ticket for the support and use the ingame report tool (if the character is in the same faction).
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    Hey crmuller,
    As Turambaredolas said, it's pretty mean to kill people that are AFK within the Garden but it doesn't violate our rules. If you believe you are being harassed or the player is breaking our Code of Conduct, please send a ticket with unedited screenshot or videos and the description of the issue to our support team at as our forums are not intended for player reports.

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