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    The reward for the Ravenspine Wings is always bugged . This equipped glider gives us a reward but this reward still does not work since October 2019 .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wraithunter View Post
    The new commands that were posted seem to be not working anymore, used 1 command "I need infusions Fluffy!" Let an hour or 2 go by and still nothing, not sure if it's specific commands that are working, but yea. I know Dedyda posted this already, but is the Erenor gear that is purchased from the Helper NPC going to be fixed on PTS? Or not really?
    Fluffy was disabled during this testing period, this was stated in our PTS opening announcement. It's unlikely to get changes for the Helper NPC this testing period, but we will make requests for the next testing period for the Erenor Gear to be fixed as well as the inclusion of Labor Potions.
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