Please note that the following patch notes are a Work-in-Progress and are not final. These patch notes will be updated frequently with more information as the team verifies more details.

The Ipnysh Sanctuary
  • Ipnysh Sanctuary is a brand new Cross-Server Instance for 3 to 5 players.
    • This dungeon can be accessed from the Torch of Ipnya on Aegis Island and the Instance Menu
  • Participants must be Lv55+, there is no gear score requirement
  • Players can enter the Ipnysh Sanctuary 3 times a day.
  • 6 New Main Story Quests available continuing the Main Story
    • Quest begins in Golden Ruins from Scout Captain Camaro
  • 11 New Achievements added related to the Ipnysh Sanctuary

God's Authority Skills
There are 4 Combat Authority Skills. Combat skills have a 5-minute cooldown and it can be used up to 3 times. If used 3 times, or 18 hours elapse after it's acquired, it will disappear. The Combat Skills are:

Nebe's Ice Field:
Summons Ice Pillars and Ice Shards within range that Freeze enemies for 5 sec.
Attacks don't cancel the effects of Frozen.

Janudar's Revenge:
Allies within range reflect 200% of Received Damage back to their attackers and suffer only 50% of the Damage.

Shatigon's Invincibility:
Grants Invincibility to all allies within range.

Dahuta's Breeze:
Creates whirlwinds that force enemies to suffer the effects of Turbulence and Gushing Wind.
Enemies affected by the Gushing Wind are unable to move for 1.5 seconds.

There are 3 Passive Authority Effects. These effects last for 18 hours and will disappear after they expire:
Rampolis' Authority:
Increases Honor Points gained from war and quests 30%
Added reward when all arenas end +3.
Killing enemies stacks the following effects up to 30 times:
Increases Received Healing +1%
Increases Continuous Mana Regen +1
Restores 1% of Health
Increases Resilience +100
Increases Toughness +100
This buff persists upon death, but resets the rank.

Perdita's Authority:
Increases all Attacks and Healing Power +127
Increases Health +2100
Increases PvE Skill Damage ;+4%
Decreases PvE Received Damage -3.5%
Increases Resilience +720
Increases Toughness +600
Increases Focus +900
Turns 7% of received damage into Health.
Has a chance to restore additional Health when receiving damage.
Persists upon death.
Does not stack with other talismans, potions, or food.

War Cry:
Increases from Rank 1 up to Rank 30
Increases Received Healing +1%
Increases Continuous Mana Regen +1
Regenerates 1% of Health per PvP Kill
Increases Resilience +100
Increases Toughness +100
This buff persists upon death, but resets the rank.

Mistsong Banquet Season 2
Changes for Season 2:
  • Number of participants changed from 6 to 3.
    • There will be 3 teams of 1, all 3 participants must secure the path and defend the center
    • Participants must be Lv30 or above
  • 3 Stationary Cannons added to the center platform
    • Any excess Dimensional Crystals can be used to upgrade the center cannons
    • The center cannons can attack any enemy getting too close to the center
  • Enhanced Dimensional Cannons now take 30 Dimensional Crystals on Rank 7
  • Rank 3 Flame Cannons can now be upgraded to a Blazing Cannon in addition to the previous upgrades (Thunder Cannon and Laser Cannon)
  • Added Random Pattern Round, allowing random monsters to spawn from each path.

Balance Changes:
  • Increased the damage dealt to a single target by the Laser Cannon
  • Reduced the Magic Damage dealt by the Frost Cannon
  • Reduced the Range Damage dealt by a Shock Shell
  • Reduced direct damage to a single target, and reduced AOE damage of Shock Shell

Immortal Warden Equipment
The Immortal Warden's Equipment is now obtainable. This equipment can be obtained in the Ipnysh Sanctuary or by awakening Mythic grade Radiant Disciple’s Equipment with Immortal Warden Awakening Scrolls or Improved Immortal Warden Awakening Scrolls. This gear can use Abyssal Enhancers, Sanctuary Infusions, and other Dungeon equipment as synthesis materials.
  • Added Immortal Warden Awakening Scroll
    • Awakens Mythic Grade or higher Radiant Disciple's Equipment
    • Has a chance to drop 0-2 tempering values (will not drop value under +20)
    • Crafted at the Disciple's Workbench
  • Added Improved Immortal Warden Awakening Scroll
    • Awakens Mythic Grade or higher Radiant Disciple's Equipment
    • Will not drop tempering value
    • Crafted at the Disciple's Workbench

Rank 6 Lunagems
  • Luna Charm Rank 6 has been added to the game
    • Upgrades a socketed T1 Lunagem (+5) to (+6)
    • Crafted at Handicraft Kiln or Regal Handicraft Desk
    • If multiple Lunagems are selected to be upgraded at once, the appropriate amount of Labor and Luna Charms will be consumed

Pirate Repatriation
Once a week, a shark hunting ship comes to the pirate grounds and smuggles these desperate pirate souls out into the civil world. With the right price, of course.
But do mind that once you pay for your place in the ship, there's no taking your money back. If the weather is bad and the ship doesn't set sail, your ticket will burn.

After you complete the quest, you will have a 50% chance to transfer to the target faction's base.

When a total of 5 pirates successfully return to the target faction, Nabir does not offer the quest completion for the week. So you have to be quick.

Successfully changing the faction via this quest grants the title “Honest Living”.

  • Ancestral Lv.1+
  • Must not be a hero or a hero candidate
  • The Pirates and the target faction must not be the dominant faction.
  • If a player has the Nuian Alliance quest in-progress/pending complete/completed, they cannot accept the Haranyan Alliance quest. (and vise versa.)

Territory Income Distribution
The Erenor's Hero can now adjust the Territory Income distribution rate for the Heroic Support Fund. The button can be found within the Community menu (Shift+V) > Faction > Auroria Territory > Manage > Hero Funds Rate. The rate can be set from 10% to 30% out of the whole Territory Income. Heroic Support Funds will be equally distributed between all heroes. Losing a siege doesn’t grant any hero Support Funds.

Heroes can grant additional Territory Contribution points to Raid members. The button can be found on the Community menu (Shift+V) > Faction > Auroria Territory > Manage > Contribution.
A hero can grant 20 Contribution points to a minimum of 20 Raid members.

This grant can be done up to 3 times per day with a 30min cool down in between. The total grant amount varies depending on the hero tiers.

Erenor Hero (1)– 20 Points x15= 300 Points
Ayanad Heroes (2) – 20 Points x10= 200 Points
Delphinad Heroes (3) – 20 Points x7= 140 Points
These additional Territory Contribution points system resets at midnight every Sunday.

Other Changes
  • Added a level requirement to some Achievements.
  • Increased the rewards gained from Lv30+ Quests
  • Players with the Prisoner debuff cannot apply for the Siege Squad or accept Siege Squad invites
  • Adjusted the quantity of Hero Flags given to each hero. Dropped Hero Flags can not longer be retrieved.
  • Reduced the payment from the Specialty and Zone Packs
  • Adjusted the damage of Siege Vehicles: The less territories the faction owns, the greater the damage the Siege Vehicles deal.
  • Updated the tooltips for Fine Delphinad Pottery and Perdita Statue Torso to reflect how to acquire the item.
  • Adjusted the point gain system in the daily quest "Fairy Request"
    • Grant 5 points every 10sec.
    • Does not grant points based on time after Rank 6
    • Reduces 2500 upon death
    • Killing a hostile player with a higher Reward Rank granats 2500 points
      • Player most not be under the effect of Fairy Protection
    • Added "Points gained from hutning +50%" to the Fairy Protection effect
    • Increased points gained from Party hunting
  • The Garden ofthe Gods match servers now refresh on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
  • More kills are needed to increase the zone rank in Cinderstone Moor and Ynystere.
  • Conflict is now 5 minutes and Peace is 2 hours in Cinderstone Moor and Ynystere during the faction competition
  • Adjusted the Synthesis Fees for Mythic Disciple’s Equipment and Legendary/Mythic Radiant Disciple’s Equipment.
  • Adjusted the crafting materials required for Luna Charm Rank 4 and Luna Charm Rank 5.
  • Removed the Timewinder Token requirement from opening the Exile Support Bundle
  • Adjusted the XP reward gained from Experience Tonic and Glittering Experience Tonic.
    • Glittering Experience Tonic can be used by characters up to Ancestral Level 36.
  • Salvaging an Abyssal Lunafrost now grants 2 Abyssal Lunashards.
  • A new trade route that connects Rokhala Mountains and Hasla is added.
  • Added a Disciple's Workbench on the Torch of Ipnya in Aegis Island.
  • Added the engraved texts of the Library Expedition in the passage to the Navel of the World in Eastern Hiram Mountains.
    • Added an Exploration Achievement and a quest.
  • Adjusted the Defense stat of Andelph Drakora
  • Completing a weekly quest increases 5 counts in the quest completion Achievements.
  • Each faction can have up to 150 members in a Garden zone server.
  • Characters enter the Combat mode when they are under the effect of Bloody Punishment.
  • The heal amount reduces when characters are under the effect of Bloody Punishment
  • Improved tooltips of expired items
  • Ladders on the Cargo Ship were changed to nets for a better experience
  • The client will run on the 64bit by default if it is the 64bit OS environment.
  • Added new Daily Quest for the Ipnysh Sanctuary, obtained at the Torch of Ipnya (Lv55+)
  • Removed the “Dimensional Destroyer” buff from various Dungeon Equipment.