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    Jun 2014
    is worse when there are more players around.
    DC'd on load in and then 3 times on one 10 min trade run.
    can't do daily quests without double disconnect.

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    when taking a look to the crash logs, there are only warnings, not found, duplicate and errors. It's a nightmare!

    please fix it: my games crashes with random situation, like before entering GP, when in Dahuta or in raid... it's very difficult to manage

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    Sep 2014
    Started DCing tonight. Now the game just crashes when I pass logo screens

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    Thx for great DC event for 6th anniversary of Archeage

    Thx for great DC event for 6th anniversary of Archeage.
    2 or 3 weeks all day minimum 2 DC on EU server Taris. NA server Aria maybe few DC per 3 weeks.
    DDoS or what?

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    DC after DC after DC here too, interestingly enough just always 1 of 2 clients that i keep on. Rarely both. Why not just call this anniversary what it is? DC FEST!
    It's not a "true" DC either, all keystrokes still go through to server, just server loses connection to my end. Constant 5-20s lagspikes that oocur are getting really annoying too.
    It's been some time now since servermove, maybe start fixing issues already?

    Having built and configured custom PC's & servers for a living 25yrs or so, i have come across this issue before with companies. Always the reason was too limited resources allocated and network/firewall systems choking.
    Either get more physical resources on servers (they are rarely maxed out) or adjust the sliders on the virtual side untill all goes smooth - depending on what the configuration is.
    Saving few $ a month and causing loss customers does not actually save you any $, it does the opposite.

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