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Thread: Is this allowed ?, or give 7-day ban?

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    Exclamation Is this allowed ?, or give 7-day ban?

    the guys block the 2 ladders of the cargo boat until he leaves, and then use the boat to knock the players into the water, I have to sure that this is an illegal action and give the punishment of 1 week, at least it was like this in the legacy, it's an exploit, because you pay for protection and it's still stolen.

    Archeage Unchained: Stena
    Players: nuia

    Have video:

    I hope it helps the archeage community, because in my opinion it was 2 options to solve this once and for all, remove the collision from the stairs and seats, or remove the cargo boat

    Sorry for my bad english

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    The last official statement on this matter is 2 or 3 years old. Unfortunately, the GM said that it's not considered an exploit, but that they would check with XL. There haven't been any more (useful) statements since then even though there have been tons of reports and players voiced their concerns that they (rightfully) consider it an exploit. As far as I can tell this has never been punished with a temporary or permanent ban so no idea from where you got that info of 1-week-bans.

    I wish I could say something else.
    I think they did not even understand the situation back then.
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    In korean version already got a solution - was exchanged ladders to nets, that very problematic to block.

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