The Garden of the Gods: Ipnysh Sanctuary update includes new gear, a brand new dungeon, and a way for heroes to channel the power of the Gods themselves! Explore the Ipnysh Sanctuary with Ardios, a member of the Crimson Watch, investigating the Torch of Ipnya on Aegis Island.

A magnificent place of worship built in the image of the Garden, the Ipnysh Sanctuary stands tall as the final resting place for the Ipnya once death washes over them. Death was not a common topic for the Ipnya, as their life lasted many millennia but as with all things, they knew it was inevitable.

Time passed and as the light of the Ipnya people was snuffed out, the Sanctuary slowly fell into disarray. Walls crumbled, glass cracked and shattered. The absence of the Warden of the Sanctuary caused the Guardians and Watchers to fall awry and malfunction, determined to destroy all they came across whether friend, foe or familiar.

The Ipnysh Sanctuary is made up of 5 areas along the path to Orien, the final boss. Begin at the Verdant Grove where wildlife and Akasch scouts wander to catch unsuspecting looters and investigators.

If you're lucky and reach the Arbiter's Plaza, be sure to keep up your guard for there lies many a trap to keep out those who are not welcome.

Should you be strong enough to pass the defense systems of the Plaza, you will make your way to the Ethereal Antechamber where those who guide the Souls of Ipnya to their resting place reside. Face the light of Luxior and the shadows of Umbrael in a fight to keep the balance, and pray that you succeed.

Next comes the Hall of Eternity where the Ipnya would wander, pondering the world and the lives they lead. Lined with statues of those long forgotten, this room is guarded by the Ipnysh Warden. Taken too soon by the Akasch and unable to rest, they will seek to destroy any not of Ipnysh origin.

The final challenge lies in the Atrium of the Immortal. With the walls decorated in prayers for the dead and the wishes that upon death they will return to the Garden, it houses the most powerful of the defense mechanisms. Orien. Born of Ipnysh magic and assigned as the last warden of the Sanctuary, it is the most dangerous of foes to face and recognizes neither you nor your mysterious friend, Ardios.
  • Ipnysh Sanctuary is a brand new Cross-Server Instance for 3 to 5 players.
    • This dungeon can be accessed from the Torch of Ipnya on Aegis Island and the Instance Menu
  • Participants must be Lv55+, there is no gear score requirement
  • Players can enter the Ipnysh Sanctuary 3 times a day.
  • 6 New Main Story Quests available continuing the Main Story
    • Quest begins in Golden Ruins from Scout Captain Camaro
  • 11 New Achievements added related to the Ipnysh Sanctuary
  • Bosses within this instance can Drop Immortal Warden's Equipment and Sanctuary Coinpurses
    • Sanctuary Coinpurse contains a random amount of gold inside it. Requires 90 Labor to open.

The Immortal Warden's Equipment is now obtainable. This equipment can be obtained in the Ipnysh Sanctuary or by awakening Mythic grade Radiant Disciple’s Equipment with Immortal Warden Awakening Scrolls or Improved Immortal Warden Awakening Scrolls. This gear can use Abyssal Enhancers, Sanctuary Infusions, and other Dungeon equipment as synthesis materials.

  • Added Immortal Warden Awakening Scroll
    • Awakens Mythic Grade or higher Radiant Disciple's Equipment
    • Has a chance to drop 0-2 tempering values (will not drop value under +20)
    • Crafted at the Disciple's Workbench
  • Added Improved Immortal Warden Awakening Scroll
    • Awakens Mythic Grade or higher Radiant Disciple's Equipment
    • Will not drop tempering value
    • Crafted at the Disciple's Workbench

When Thiol created the Garden of the Gods, a twin world was created with demons known as shadows. These shadows take on the shape and power onto the body it's attached to. After the passage of the Garden of the Gods was opened, more shadows had emerged finding hosts as animals and plants, even objects. The shadows attempted to take the form of the thrown, to attempt to copy the power the thrones hold. However, they were not able to handle the power the thrones contained and were pushed away, and most had disappeared. The shadows that managed to retain some of the energy of the thrones are now spread across the garden and held by Salazar - a spawn of shadow.

Heroes equipped with hero cloaks within the Garden of the Gods can now defeat Salazar who will release Gods Authority orbs into the garden, allowing them to channel a God's power of their own for 18 hours. Return the orbs power to certain thrones to acquire the power of the Gods it belongs to. There are 7 Authority skills in total split into 4 combat skills and 3 passive effects.

Salazar has a chance to spawn during War within the Garden of the Gods and upon death releases Gods Authority orbs into the Garden. After he is killed, he will not respawn for 24 hours, and will only be available for 1 hour if not killed.

However, these effects can't be used everywhere, only outside of instances and battlefields.

There are 4 Combat Authority Skills. Combat skills have a 5-minute cooldown and it can be used up to 3 times. If used 3 times, or 18 hours elapse after it's acquired, it will disappear. The Combat Skills are:

Nebe's Ice Field:
Summons Ice Pillars and Ice Shards within range that Freeze enemies for 5 sec.
Attacks don't cancel the effects of Frozen.

Janudar's Revenge:
Allies within range reflect 200% of Received Damage back to their attackers and suffer only 50% of the Damage.

Shatigon's Invincibility:
Grants Invincibility to all allies within range.

Dahuta's Breeze:
Creates whirlwinds that force enemies to suffer the effects of Turbulence and Gushing Wind.
Enemies affected by the Gushing Wind are unable to move for 1.5 seconds.

There are 3 Passive Authority Effects. These effects last for 18 hours and will disappear after they expire:

Rampolis' Authority:
Increases Honor Points gained from war and quests 30%
Added reward when all arenas end +3.
Killing enemies stacks the following effects up to 30 times:
Increases Received Healing +1%
Increases Continuous Mana Regen +1
Restores 1% of Health
Increases Resilience +100
Increases Toughness +100
This buff persists upon death but resets the rank.

Perdita's Authority:
Increases all Attacks and Healing Power +127
Increases Health +2100
Increases PvE Skill Damage +4%
Decreases PvE Received Damage -3.5%
Increases Resilience +720
Increases Toughness +600
Increases Focus +900
Turns 7% of received damage into Health.
Has a chance to restore additional Health when receiving damage.
Persists upon death.
Does not stack with other talismans, potions, or food.

War Cry:
Increases from Rank 1 up to Rank 30
Increases Received Healing +1%
Increases Continuous Mana Regen +1
Regenerates 1% of Health per PvP Kill
Increases Resilience +100
Increases Toughness +100
This buff persists upon death but resets the rank.

Ahoy mateys! Pirate business is a serious business and once you get in, you don't get out.

Wait, that's old news! Don't want to be a pirate anymore? Do you want to set sail to distant lands along with a faction once more? Well, this is your chance to do just that! If you are currently a pirate, with this once per week chance, you can give up your pirating ways and become a member of the other alliances once more. However, a dishonored pirate will have to work his or her way to the top. So you can only join a weaker alliance if you so wish to do this.

To begin your journey leaving the Pirates, you will take the quest from Bruno.
Once a week, a shark hunting ship comes to the pirate grounds and smuggles these desperate souls out into the civil world. For the right price, of course. But do keep in mind that once you pay for your place on the ship, there's no taking your money back. If the weather is bad and the ship doesn't set sail, your ticket won't be refunded.

Once you talked to the Shark Hunter Nabir, he will give you a task. He will ask you to collect 70 Prismatic Pearls and 70 Prismatic Diamonds. After you complete the quest, you will have a chance to transfer to the weakest faction's base.
When a total of 5 pirates successfully return to a faction, Nabir will no longer allow other pirates to leave for a week. So you'll have to be quick!

Successfully changing the faction via this quest grants the title “Honest Living.”

May the winds be in your favor.

※ If server maintenance ends after Nabir’s spawn time, players have to wait until the next spawn time.

Lethy, the popular Courtesan of Aria, is back and here to challenge you with waves of monsters with even more challenges. You and 3 participants can now partake in defending the Guardian Statue from its destruction!

The new and improved Mistsong Banquet is back, and it's time to kick off Season 2. New rewards, balance changes, and new features.

Season 2 Changes:
  • Number of participants changed from 6 to 3.
    • There will be 3 teams of 1, all 3 participants must secure the path and defend the center
    • Participants must be Lv30 or above
  • 3 Stationary Cannons added to the center platform
    • Any excess Dimensional Crystals can be used to upgrade the center cannons
    • The center cannons can attack any enemy getting too close to the center
  • Enhanced Dimensional Cannons now take 30 Dimensional Crystals on Rank 7
  • Rank 3 Flame Cannons can now be upgraded to a Blazing Cannon in addition to the previous upgrades (Thunder Cannon and Laser Cannon)
  • Added Random Pattern Round, allowing random monsters to spawn from each path.
  • Increased the damage dealt to a single target by the Laser Cannon
  • Reduced the Magic Damage dealt by the Frost Cannon
  • Reduced the Range Damage dealt by a Shock Shell
  • Reduced direct damage to a single target, and reduced AOE damage of Shock Shell

Daily Rewards:
  • Daily rewards are granted once per day
    • Honor points are granted directly, and Labor Recharger is sent to the player via Mail