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    ArcheAge EU and NA Maintenance - August 20th

    Hello everyone,
    The scheduled weekly server maintenance will be on Thursday the 20th of August, the downtime is expected to last 3 hours for both NA and EU. Everyone will receive a ~114 MB patch after this maintenance.

    The times for this maintenance are as follows:
    EU: 7:00am UTC
    NA: 5:00am PDT

    Changes this Patch:
    • Fixed an Issue when Battlerage's "Terrifying Roar" skill was increased to 4, the duration of Stun, tripped, etc. decreased instead of increased.
    • Fixed incorrect pepper and vanilla seed bundle designs displaying in the Folio
    • Fixed an issue where the torches disappeared when fighting Orien in the Ipnysh Sanctuary
    • Fixed the "Socially Distant", "Quarantined", and "Ipnysh Sanctuary Warden" titles to display correctly
    • Fixed the description of the Immortal Warden Awakening Scrolls to state it only works on Radiant Disciple Equipment.
    • Fixed the description of the Mistsong Banquet Reward Crate Rank 6 to state that all drops are guaranteed.
    • A potential fix to alleviate lag in Auroria during Vyrava spawns
    • Items from the Ipnysh Sanctuary are no longer sellable on the Auction House.
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    Could you pls fix the mistake, that we cant craft on Ezi Lunagems Rank 2 and 3.

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