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    Community Costume Design Contest Entries

    This thread is for usage for the "Akasch" Community Costume Design Contest active from September 4th to September 23rd.

    All entries must follow the following rules:
    - All costumes designs must be of the theme of the 'Akasch' and have a front and back view of the concept.
    - All entries must be a digital drawing or drawing on paper of the costume design
    - All entries must be posted to this forum thread during the event period of September 4th and September 23rd 11:59 UTC.
    - You can enter as many times as you like, but you can only receive one reward.
    - Please follow our Code of Conduct and Terms of Service (no nudity, racism, etc.)

    To read the full news and Terms and Conditions of the contest, please click here.
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    An offering to the Akasch!

    I had a lot of fun coming up with this. I decided to go with this design and honestly really love it, and I'm still going to be happy with it even if I don't win haha. I put a blindfold since it evoked that creepy, unknown feeling, as if this Akasch being needs no eyes to see, no hands to feel, etc. So I also went with having the hands and feet gradually turn translucent (same as the eternal wish raiment costume) since when I think of the Akasch, I imagine a being both beautiful and terrifying.

    I went with a design similar to Orchidna's but not quite nearly the same, you cannot be on the same level as your queen after all.

    The snakes on the front and back are connected with gold chains, and their eyes are made of red rubies.

    If there are any issues with seeing the image, please let me know and I will reupload!

    I'm sure you guys can tell how excited I am for this contest. Best of luck to all of the entrants!

    External image link:

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    Contest design Blue pheonix

    The design i went for is a little different to the theme but any design is a good design.
    the shoes on this design would show as a small trail and the cape would have a kind of shine to it.

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    I have two ideas here. The first I created last night and I'm not much of a fan of it myself.

    I went for a cobra head (that can be removed) and short skirt with see through cloth on the belly of the female along with the bra and boots. Males have a vest and pants and boots with slight heel. Females have crescent moon belt, males have full moon belt. Color change can be added to change the skirt, pants and/or vest on males, everything else stays the same (unless you want hood to color change as well)

    This second idea, I created a cat/dragon like creature with dragon tails and wings. There is a gold collar on the neck and bracelets on arms, earrings and a snake crown on head. Fur can change color and inside ears/muzzle remain the same. Bottom of the foot has a star on it. Feet and hands are like claws. Angry glaring eyes. This costume can be both male/female wearing it.

    If I could describe them, I would say they are small in size Kagon's (cat/dragon) that lived along side the Akasch and were their companions and pets. They are highly intelligent beings that can speak (like most animals in Archeage) Living along side the Akasch they have adapted their own way of life and ideals over time. If asked about the Akasch, they are silver-tongued liars and never tell the truth about anything, at the same time your not sure if what they say is the truth or a lie?

    If I could pick one of these I would pick the second one myself. I really do like the idea of having more costumes, like we do with the cow, yata, greenman and rabbit costume and I think this one would be kind of neat.
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    Digital Demon Outfit

    Item Description: Pretty garment growing in popularity amongst the fashion savvy people of Erenor. It might be partly due to the thrilling rumor that its designer is a secret agent for the Akasch. It is completely unfounded but may provide the wearer a sense of excitement.

    Created by Yoruki from Jergent server

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    Sry if this is too naughty.
    Sheer black fabric for skirt, arm and scarfthingies.
    The light turquoise could be dyable.
    Really want some clawlike "shoes" for cats, like the chimera costume for example.
    The yellow is gold or some other kind of metal with swirlies that I'm too lazy to draw. Metal scaly snake around one leg. Little sparkly cubes dangling on the front and some kind of cube shape at the heels.

    Collaboration by Tails and Sanic. *^.^*

    Tails @ Kadum NA

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    I was inspired by the Greek goddess Medusa.

    As she spread fear under the mortals I thought she would be a good representation of an Akasch.

    Each snake on the costume got red ruby eyes.

    The green fabric is dyable.


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    Traditions and beliefs are strong with the Akasch and they continue to follow in their ancestors ways of protecting them. They worship the snake for it's quick reflexes and striking force. The snake also enables them to concoct high quality venomous potions to ward off their enemies and sometimes used to kill them. They are intrigued by the many geometric shapes that became a symbol of strength and power to them. As the fire burns on her costume so does the flame that continuously burns in the Noble Domain of their Queen. The Akasch uphold tradition by wearing their noble robes to the many festivals that they have in honor of their ancestors.

    On the front of the female garment flames engulf her bodice and form fitting skirt. Flame wisps fly off of her outfit as she gracefully moves. Her head piece is diamond and ruby studded snakes with the Red Eye of the snake centered on her forehead. The face covering is a delicate gold, ruby and diamond studded veil that are chains linked to adorn her face. Her arms are bejeweled with diamonds and rubies and the left arm has a snake's head with it's mouth open around her hand with diamond fangs and ruby eyes. Ruby and diamond rings are displayed on her fingers. Another red snake eye embellishes her belly button, while a diamond ruby and gold snake surround her waist for a belt. The bodice is a delicate chain fabric made of gold, rubies and diamonds that drape around the flames. Two snake heads ''bite'' at the fabric to hold up the bodice. Her shoes are delicate strands of cubical cut diamonds and rubies that slip around her ankle and foot. The soles are gold and fire flames wisps off them as she she appears to float above the ground. All the gems are cut into geometric shapes -- cubes , diamonds and circular.

    Her back of the costume is just as delicate as the front of her costume. The flames on the back scorch to the floor as wisps also flare off. The snake belt wraps around to the front allowing the tail to rest in the snake's mouth in the front of her gown. The skirt is attached to the bodice by two diamond and ruby gold snakes that intertwine until they separate at the nape of her neck to slither down the front of her shoulders. Her head piece is a delicate band of cubical shaped diamonds and rubies that encircle her head. The backside of her arms are also bejeweled with different shaped rubies and diamonds.

    The flames can be dyed. The alternate outfit will remove the head piece and snake head on her left arm.

    I took a screen shot of my character in game and also the flames from the torches. I used the paint program. Hope that you are able to see what I submit..if not, please let me know Have fun and good luck to all those who enter !!

    Designed by - Badaboom -- Kadum NA
    Attached Images

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    This is my design idea. I took inspiration from shapes and patterns in the Gatekeeper hall.
    The colour of the flower pattern and shoes would be dyable, the head piece removable. Two sheer and sparkly black pieces of fabric hang from the back.
    I'm not too sure I made the right colour choice picking gold for the shoes since I don't use it anywhere else, maybe I should have gone with purple there too.

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    Alright I made a male and female version

    For the female version the head would be surrounded by a 'crown' of floating, glowing akasch cubes. The skin of the torso has material mimicking cube-like scales. Golden snake belt and armlet. And akasch cube chest pieces and adornments on the clothing. The back of the skirt would have a gradient of flickering cubes

    male version would has a loose pair of genie style pants, pointed shoes and a cobra styled hood and scarf combo. Ends of the scarf would have the same flickering cube gradient as female version. Small scale-like square patches can be visible near the hips. Has a matching snake armlet to the female costume. Undecided as to if these should be dyeable.

    Designed by Metalien Kaylin (NA)

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