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Thread: Plant houses killing the economy

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    Exclamation Plant houses killing the economy

    You should limit the amount of plant house which given in aapas. its simply killed farming. Why farm if you can put 100 greenhouses.

    You continue adding more and more stuff which killing interest of players to do something. why i need to spend time on rising, do larders if i have 5 alts with aapass which doing gilda packs. Nobody does larders nobody plants, nothing. All what people do its just few gilda and bsb packs.

    Think about that.

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    I don't often see farms growing anything, as for plant houses i agree, i think by this stage it doesn't really matter anymore though.

    I have cherry blossom and all types of fruit trees just for the pleasure of seeing them on all my farms.

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    you need materials for packs now when 1 chopped produce cost less than 1 tomato seed its a joke. the only what people do is packs. Huge content simply destroyed because of these planthouses

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