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Thread: No Trials No Tricks No Traps

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    Quote Originally Posted by james1202 View Post
    Lol I was smart enough to buy silver with the option of upgrading to archeum if I felt the need. I wouldn't throw $150 into a game that isn't even out yet even for alpha access ^^ got better things to spend $150 on then a game thanks, kids and the such....

    So back to what your saying, how does all your ranting and raging solve the archeum problem? Have you come up with a single idea on how to "adjust" in game drop rates without flooding the market and making end game gear worthless? What is the right amount? And before open beta, when would have been a good time to implement these bearing in mind closed betas will never represent a true economy?

    All the "majority" have done is come online going "rabble rabble rabble" and not offering any ideas or conclusions. Going back a fee months the same happened with labor pots which to me, there was nothing wrong with them, nor labor regen rates. Yet look where we are now.

    Best option would be to take it off the market and implement 1.7 before release but we all know that won't happen.

    Anything else you would like to "rabble" at me about? Or to try and get your point across any more abrasively?

    Its a common crafting material.... its not rare flooding the market with it is not a concern. Of course with the new labor pot cooldowns that will have a bigger impact on the economy than flooding the market with archeum.

    You know how you "adjust" archeum, you move the decimal to the right. If its not fun then its well within my rate to state that on these forums. If they change it great, if not they will lose a lot of people. Hopefully what remains if they don't change it is enough to support their jobs in the future. Game companies don't hesitate to trim the employees if a games release isn't going well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by james1202 View Post
    The main problem is, 90% of "nerd rage" posters DO NOT listen to anything.
    Really? I'm seeing you here for 2 days defending a company that said the game will not be p2w, and nerfed the archeum drop rate ingame to the ground (while saying it was increased), and then added archeum chests to the cash shop.

    Who don't listen to anything?

    Please, take a break from forums, maybe you are starting losing logic here.
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    %76 NO

    &24 yes

    and still no answer from Scapes..

    Your house on fire why u r still waiting??

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    Do you still have faith?

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